JSU offering new set of unique courses in 2021

Student views his laptop as he sits in on a class at JSU. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)Student views his laptop as he sits in on a class at JSU. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)

Coley Birchfield, Correspondent

Jacksonville State University is introducing its students to a new set of unique courses available during the upcoming spring 2021 semester.

The various courses cover many topics including music, culture and even the Marvel universe. 

Students seeking improvement in their writing skills can choose EH 330 Writing for the Web or EH 354 Creative Writing Special Topics: Worldbuilding. 

Writing for the Web is suitable for everyone in a society surrounded with social media, websites, and blogs. It introduces students to the research and rhetoric ideal for web content.

Worldbuilding explores the creation of realistic and fantasy worlds. Students are inspired to create their own world after examining popular video games as well as Dungeons and Dragons. 

For students seeking knowledge on race and its impact on the United States’ culture in 2020, two courses will do just that. EM 195 Hip Hop & Race examines the impact that hip-hip music and poetry has had on our society and the anti-racism movement. 

Also, HY 195 Why Black Lives Matter demonstrates how various eras throughout American history resulted in the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013.

Another course, EM 307 Pandemics and Pestilence, is a free course led by Jeff Ryan, JSU’s COVID-19 task force leader and chief of program operations. It was also available during the summer and spring semesters in an effort to inform students on the importance of disease awareness and its impact on the human population.

In order to request these courses, you must search the course number within the Schedule Planner on myJSU. The last day to register for a course for the spring 2021 semester is Jan. 20, 2021.

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