Bucket list to guarantee a festive holiday season

Features Editor Breanna Hill provides a handy bucket list for those looking to participate in some fun activities for the holiday season. (Courtesy of CNN)Features Editor Breanna Hill provides a handy bucket list for those looking to participate in some fun activities for the holiday season. (Courtesy of CNN)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor 

Though this holiday season is looking a little different — more different than any of us could ever imagine — it doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun bucket list for the holidays. 

Bucket lists have always appealed to me. I’ve seen them as something remarkable, adventurous, memorable people create to express themselves. Here are just a few of my holiday bucket list ideas I plan to do to make the end of the year the best it can be:

First, ice skating. I haven’t been ice skating since I was a pre-teen. I loved it back then, the whole two times I’ve done it, and doing it again now that I’m not as clumsy is going to be a fun experience. 

I think this is a perfect addition to the bucket list because of the holiday magic it can go hand-in-hand with. It’s a perfect activity for all ages and it’s sure to bring out boutfuls of laughter. 

Next on the list involves tracking down the most elaborate Christmas lighting decorations around and enjoying them with my favorite people. I’ve always been big on Christmas so this activity occurs traditionally.
I believe the best thing about this bucket list item is that it doesn’t have to be a one-time thing; I could go every night. There are numerous places to check out Christmas lights—parks, neighborhoods, theme-parks, zoos, etc. 

The third bucket-list activity is a bit of a touchy subject for me just because I’m not the most artistic person out there. Building a gingerbread house and decorating it always sounds so fun to me, until I’m sitting there with icing oozing everywhere and I’ve already messed up three or four times. 

This year, I plan to stray away from the stress this activity has brought me in the past and just have fun with it. Though I will not shy away from the competition, I will make decorating a gingerbread house more about the fun than trying to beat my friends and family in a contest we make up. 

The fourth and final activity on my bucket list is baking a batch of homemade Christmas cookies. This is something I’ve never attempted, so nerves and excitement are going to be present at the time I work on this one. 

When I bake, which is rare, I bake from a box that came from the store. I’ve never ventured out and tried to cook from scratch, so this seemed like the perfect idea for my holiday bucket list. 

I highly recommend creating a bucket list for the holidays. There have been way too many hardships this year, and doing our best to balance it out for the end of the year is exactly what we need. This can be  the perfect distraction you never knew you needed. Feel free to add these to your bucket list; create your own and have fun with it.

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