Review: ‘Come Play’ fell victim to predictability

“Come Play” hit theaters on Oct. 30 of this year and is rated 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Courtesy of IndieWire)“Come Play” hit theaters on Oct. 30 of this year and is rated 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Courtesy of IndieWire)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor 

During my time as an editor for The Chanticleer, I have written numerous movie reviews and I’ve had something nice to say about every film. I’ve never felt the need to give a bad review for any of the films I’ve seen… until now. 

I recently found myself with a ticket to see “Come Play” in theaters. This movie is categorized in the horror/thriller genre. 

The preview I saw for the movie made it seem like it would be worth my while to watch it. The appealing trailer partnered with the need to have a fun night out landed me in a recliner with a bag of popcorn and great company.

I was thrilled and hopeful going into the theater. The lack of movement in the movie industry lately was a painstaking experience for a movie-lover like me. COVID halted anything and everything it seemed, and affecting the release dates of movies was part of it. Needless to say, this movie did not give me what I was hoping for. 

The beginning of the movie looked promising because there was no build up whatsoever to the action. 

Moments into the beginning, eerie things were happening to the little boy who played the protagonist in the movie. Right off the bat, I could tell when the jump scares were going to take place, which is not a good sign in this genre of entertainment. Predictability is the horror genre’s worst enemy, and unfortunately, this film fell victim to its genre’s enemy. 

The plot itself was a little far-fetched for me, but seeing the preview made me believe that the movie would take a different angle, and sadly, I was mistaken. 

I was willing to look past the odd storyline if the jump scares were able to get to me, but they didn’t. They were way too overly predictable. I didn’t even flinch. The acting was subpar at best. I didn’t recognize a single cast member which appealed to me at first, and then slowly subdued as the movie continued. 

The worst part of the whole movie happened at the very end. I won’t give any spoilers, but the ending only made me hate the movie even more. 

This movie only contributed to the fact that the horror/thriller genre is going around and around in circles. Movies in this category have a bad habit of repeating history and stealing from movies alike to try and get more people to the box offices. I’m beginning to question even more if I’ll see anything new with movies like this. There’s room for improvement in genres like these, yet I keep seeing the same predictable plots and endings with every movie I take a chance on. 

I can appreciate the initial thought behind the storyline because it is unique. I have never even thought about something evil living behind screens, but I definitely think the movie could be better if more time was spent on trying out different angles to go along with the plot. 

I would not recommend this movie if you’re the type who lives for a heart-stopping jump scare. You won’t find it in this movie. It’s a predictable, and overdone piece of work and you wouldn’t be missing much. 4/10.

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