JSU students react to election victories of Biden, Tuberville

Several students at Jacksonville State react to the recent election of President-elect Joe Biden and Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)Several students at Jacksonville State react to the recent election of President-elect Joe Biden and Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)

Ashleigh Crouch, Correspondent

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Former Vice President Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the presidential election after Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes were awarded to Biden.

This election marks the first time that a sitting president has lost re-election since Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush in 1992. Biden also won the most votes cast in any presidential election in U.S. history.

As of Thursday, the Associated Press has Biden with 290 electoral votes and incumbent President Donald Trump with 217.

Alabamians also elected a new U.S. Senator. Former Auburn football head coach Tommy Tuberville defeated incumbent Democrat Doug Jones handily, with 60.4% of votes cast to Jones’ 39.6%.

The Chanticleer received comments from students on both sides of the political spectrum with reaction to the recent election victories of Biden and Tuberville.

“I feel like he will do more than Doug Jones has done while in his senate seat,” said one anonymous JSU nursing major.

“He’s proven himself to be an extraordinary leader over his many years of coaching football and I’m excited for what he’s going to do for the state of Alabama,” said a JSU freshman.

Some JSU students — who primarily said they tend to vote liberal — expressed dissatisfaction with Tuberville’s election.

“It’s disappointing as I feel people elected Tommy Tuberville simply because he was republican,” said Jeff Howard, a JSU sophomore. “I feel Doug Jones was the better candidate with better policies and he didn’t have a chance to win only because of his associated party.”

Other students displeased with Tuberville’s victory suggested that the former Auburn football coach does not have the necessary experience to serve in the U.S. Senate. 

“A washed up football coach with a degree in PE doesn’t know how to be a senator,” Sarah Boger, a JSU junior majoring in forensic investigation wrote.

The reactions to Biden’s victory in the presidential election were just as broad.

“I feel much safer having Biden as president, and really think this will bring our country back together,” said an anonymous JSU forensic investigation major. 

Some respondents said that they believe Joe Biden is the best person for the presidency out of the two given candidates, like secondary education major MacKenzie Taylor. 

“I think that a Democratic leader is what the majority wants right now,” said Taylor. “I have no issue with Joe Biden, or anyone else really, beating Donald Trump.”

Caleb Martin, a JSU junior majoring in computer and information systems said he voted for Trump, but doesn’t “really support either candidate.” 

“I’m not mad that Joe Biden is the President-elect,” said Martin. “I’m more confused on why he and Harris are the democrat party’s choice. If I had to talk about the public’s reaction to the election, I’d say everyone was worried about the outcome.” 

One nursing student student, who asked to remain anonymous, echoed false claims of voter fraud.

“I believe that [Biden’s] victory is not apparent,” said the anonymous nursing student. “Statistical experts have come out and said that it is statistically impossible for hundreds of thousands of votes to suddenly appear for only ONE party. I believe that the Democratic Party has lost the last bit of integrity they once held onto during this election.”

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, according to the New York Times, which reached out to election officials in every state, all of whom confirmed that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or irregularities that affected the outcome of the election.

Overall, the one thing students could coalesce around is their distrust and dissatisfaction with government.

“We need to expect our presidents and elected officials to do more for us as a nation,” said JSU sophomore PD Stone. “Politicians pander to themselves and their own interests rather than ours. We need to change that.”

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