SGA Student Senate makes two appointments

Senator Paige Harles, left, and Senator Adam McNeal, right, attend a Student Senate session on Sept. 16, 2019. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)Senator Paige Harles, left, and Senator Adam McNeal, right, attend a Student Senate session on Sept. 16, 2019. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)

Luke Reed, Correspondent

The Jacksonville State University Student Senate on Monday unanimously appointed two new members to two separate branches of the Student Government Association.

The Senate first adopted Senate Bill 30, welcoming Freshman De’Onta Bush as the Vice President of the Student Activities Council for the 2020-2021 school year.

“I’ve always loved helping people feel like they are welcome and wanted,” said Bush after the appointment. “I love meeting new people and I look forward to what the Student Activities Council has in store for this year.”

In addition, the Senate passed Senate Bill 31 which appointed the Senate’s previous Vice President of Public Relations during the 2019-2020 year, Kate Seibert, as a Student Senator. 

Being appointed at this time in the year, Seibert said that she “missed working with students and working alongside students.” The amendment passed after many Senators agreed that Seibert would be an exceptional appointment to the Senate and Seibert was sworn in that night. 

Other business:

SGA President Jerod Sharp relayed information from the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees which took place two weeks ago. 

Sharp explained that the Board of Trustees adopted the “intent of the resolution” to rename the Bibb Graves Administrative building on Jacksonville State University’s campus. 

“The Board of Trustees will be taking action to change the name of Bibb Graves Hall,” said Sharp. “I am not sure what these actions or the process of these actions will look like as of right now.” 

Sharp continues to state that the plans and processing behind these actions are being considered and looked into. Sharp also stated that state legislation would apply to this change and therefore would take time. 

The SGA President also gave an update on the Student Taskforce at JSU. The taskforce will be meeting with chair, Dean Stone, of the Red Tape Sub Committee from the Enrollment Management Committee this week. 

“This committee was put together to identify administrative barriers that students may be facing,” said Sharp.

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