Review: Ariana Grande drops album ‘Positions’

Pop star Ariana Grande dropped her album ‘Positions’ on Oct. 30. (Courtesy of HypeBeast)Pop star Ariana Grande dropped her album ‘Positions’ on Oct. 30. (Courtesy of HypeBeast)

Anna Gurganus, Correspondent

Early last Friday morning, pop star Ariana Grande released a new album entitled “Positions.” Grande has achieved an R&B sound accompanied by bold and straight-forward lyrics. 

The album has fourteen songs:

  1. Shut Up: Irony is present here as Grande sings the sassy lyrics of “Shut Up” in a sweet, pretty melody. The song has a nice tune and good harmony. 
  2. 34+35: This song is blunt and to the point. There is no question what is in her mind. 
  3. Motive: Doja Cat joins Grande in singing this one. The song actually teaches a good lesson: know what kind of person you are getting into a relationship with and know what they are really after. 
  4. Just like Magic: Grande accomplished a magical-sounding background to go with her shallow, egotistical lyrics. 
  5. Off the Table: This song features The Weeknd. Grande creatively uses the phrase “off the table” to try to convince the guy to let her love him. 
  6. Six Thirty: This song has a very creative chorus. It uses the same three-word phrase seven times. Is that the best they could come up with?
  7. Safety Net: This is a nice duet Grande sings with Ty Dollar $ign.
  8. My Hair: This song interestingly has bits of classic music styles thrown into the mix. There are some jazzy sounds, Motown styles, and an overall oldies vibe. 
  9. Nasty: Here is another song that is direct and says exactly what is on Grande’s mind. The song does, however, start with a good beat that kept my head nodding. 
  10. West Side: This one is pretty monotonous. Nothing exciting happens and it is very short. 
  11. Love Language: As in many of these songs, Grande sings with a very soft voice which contrasts with some of her previous music. This particular one is a little more upbeat and busy. 
  12. Positions: In this song Grande actually gets past her sexual desires and sings some meaningful lyrics about love and loyalty. 
  13. Obvious: Grande repeatedly asks, “Could I be more obvious?” The answer to that in all of these songs is no. As I have already pointed out, throughout this entire album Grande is extremely obvious.
  14. POV: This song is calm and soothing. It sounds like something that would be listened to to help someone fall asleep. The lyrics are surprisingly sweet, honest, and thought-provoking. 

Overall, Grande’s new album is lacking. Music-wise there is no originality from song to song. Once you hit play on the first song you hear the same sound for 41 minutes. The music gets tedious as none of the songs seem to have any climax. 

As for the lyrics, there are some creative and thoughtful lines. However, like the music, there is not very much diversity. Most of the songs are about the same thing. 

Throughout the album, Grande uses more sophisticated-sounding music to sing vulgar and distasteful lyrics. In my opinion, Grande’s music has gone downhill from previous albums.

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