‘After We Collided’ takes over theaters nationwide

‘After We Collided’ is a 2020 romantic drama film directed by Roger Kumble. (Courtesy of Digital Spy)‘After We Collided’ is a 2020 romantic drama film directed by Roger Kumble. (Courtesy of Digital Spy)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

The sequel “After We Collided” — based on the After book series — recently made its debut in theaters nationwide on Oct. 23. The After book series was first released on Wattpad, which is a platform available to show off your writing skills, not to mention the site offers thousands of books to read. 

Wattpad is where Anna Todd, author of the After series began her incredible career. According to the Huffington Post, Todd gained over a billion reads on the beloved After series alone

The popularity of this series has grown exponentially since the movie “After” was created in honor of the first book in the series. The first movie gained 69.7 million USD in box office, and the sequel is on its way to exceeding that. Currently, it’s made 47.8 million USD in box office, and it will continue to grow. 

The storyline follows a young, ambitious rule-follower Tessa Young starting her journey into adulthood at a university. She leaves behind a high school boyfriend and her mother, both who are incredibly overprotective and manipulative. As she begins to find her independence she suffers from guilt and her own mind, all of the thoughts relating back to her past life. 

While attending the university she stumbles upon Hardin Scott who is the complete opposite of her. Everything she is, he’s not. He’s a rule breaker, a bad boy, but vulnerable at heart with a lot of baggage he can’t seem to move past. 

The love story emerges in the first film and carries on into the second. A breakup is involved as well as brutal arguments, fights, and disagreements. The second film kicks off with Tessa ignoring her swirling thoughts on the breakup and heading off to start a new publishing internship. Hardin is completely broken and devastated with himself for how things played out, but like magnets, they find themselves attached to each other soon enough. 

A beautiful love story unfolds filled with tragedy and victorious romance that only comes along once in a lifetime. 

There is an element that is added — a new character develops within the plot — Dylan Sprouse. Dylan Sprouse, famous from his role off “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” took on the role as Trevor. Trevor is a coworker of Tessa’s at her new job and is obviously very smitten with her. This adds an incredible amount of tension and jealousy to the plot. It’s a strong development and serves well as one of the biggest side-plots of the movie. 

Though this movie is primarily categorized as a chick-flick, humor is sprinkled within to help ease the boredom of boyfriends who are forced to sit through the movie. This movie adds much more depth to the series and is really able to bring the story to life. The characters have the chemistry necessary to provide audiences with an accurate representation of the infamous book series. 

This movie is highly recommended to anyone who is a sucker for romance, and a little bit of humor. 10/10.

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