Last minute Halloween costume ideas

If you’ve waited until the last minute to decide on a Halloween costume, Correspondent Brooklynn Wilkes has compiled a list of ideas. (Courtesy of Amazon) If you’ve waited until the last minute to decide on a Halloween costume, Correspondent Brooklynn Wilkes has compiled a list of ideas. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

Some people plan their Halloween costumes months in advance, while others still have no idea what they are going to be dressed up as on this Saturday. These are some last-minute Halloween costumes that anyone would be able to pull together and steal the show while they are at it. 


Ghost photoshoots have been a huge trend this year, so we know how easy this costume is to pull together. Go get yourself a bed sheet of whatever color you want and draw some eyes on it. Some people even top their sheets off with sunglasses. 

An athlete

Most people have an old sports uniform tucked away somewhere or might even still be actively playing. Even if you do not own one now, a lot of thrift stores house a selection of old jerseys and uniform pieces. This one is very universal, because there are so many sports to choose from. 


Nothing screams Halloween more than a pumpkin and luckily, this is a fairly easy costume to pull off in a short amount of time. All you need is an orange t-shirt, which you can get from any craft store and some black paint. Draw a pumpkin face of your choosing and there you go.  


Maybe some of your friends are going as an athlete, but you are not really feeling it. You can still go along with their theme by dressing up as a referee. When a referee shirt is not available, you can always make one yourself with a black or white shirt and some paint. Now get yourself a whistle and try not to drive your friends crazy.  


This might be the easiest costume to do, most of what you would need is probably already in your closet. Pick a celebrity to replicate and do your best to bring them to life in your own way.  


If you have some old clothes you do not mind getting messed up, then this would be a great costume to try out. Splatter some paint on your old clothes and carry around a few paint brushes and you will be good to go. 


Dressing up as a vlogger is pretty easy because you most likely already own everything that you need. You can dress up in your regular clothes and just hold your phone or camera in front of your face all night. 

News reporter 

If you prefer not to hold a camera or phone all night, enlist one of your friends to do it for you as a cameraman and be a reporter. Throw on a suit or nice outfit, get yourself a microphone, and report on everything going on around you.  

An animal

The choices with this costume are endless and super easy to do. Put on some face paint of the animal you have picked and dress accordingly. 


You might already have all you need for this costume. Grab a floral Hawaiian shirt and strap on a fanny pack, make sure to overly apply some sunscreen on your nose and take way too many pictures. 

Error 404: Costume Not Found

This costume takes the minimalist approach and is by far the easiest to do. Get a black or white t-shirt and either draw or print out the words “Error 404: Costume Not Found”.  


There are tons of emojis to choose from, but if you want to go classic then get a yellow t-shirt and put the design of your favorite emoji face on it. 

Candy corn

Much like the other DIY costumes on this list, you will need a t-shirt, either white, orange, or yellow. Paint on the other two colors and people with either love or hate you.  

Halloween costumes do not have to be difficult and can even be fun to create, last minute or not you will be sure to turn heads with whatever you choose to go as. 

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