SGA Senate votes on Code of Law changes

Senator Matt Reed, pictured, speaks at a Student Senate meeting on Sept. 16, 2019. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)Senator Matt Reed, pictured, speaks at a Student Senate meeting on Sept. 16, 2019. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)

Miranda Prescott, News Editor

The Jacksonville State University Student Senate convened Monday night and voted unanimously to approve a bill to revise the Code of Laws.

Senate Bill 28 allows the wording of the Code of Laws to read that the Student Senate would need a simple majority to pass any resolution or bill. A simple majority is defined in this bill as “50% + 1 of the members present.”

“This Bill will allow for a rewording of the Code of Laws,” said Senator Bria Clendenning, author of the resolution. “it brings the power we have already as part of the Senate into a text format.”

“It is setting the precedent for future votes,” said Senator Adam McNeal, the other author of the bill.

The Senate also voted to approve Senate Bill 29. This bill allows the Vice President of Student Senate to remove a Senator after three absences from a meeting with a preliminary meeting and solidifies an attendance policy within the Senate.

“Senators could miss four or five meetings and could simply meet with the VPSS to discuss their absences to determine their status,” said Senator Matt Reed, who authored the bill. “Some circumstances can allow the senator to be exempted from the attendance policy.” 

Other business:

SGA President Jerod Sharp proposed making designated spaces students and professors could rent out during their class time. These spaces included the TMB auditorium, Leone Cole and other designated rooms in other academic buildings. The idea was met with some positivity within the Student Senate and is being put together by the Provost’s office.

“I think this is a great idea,” said one senator.

“I think we all miss the traditional in-class format that came before the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sharp. “This could help out with student engagement in their classes.” 

One issue that a senator brought up with this is the lack of supervision in these areas. Vice President of Student Senate Cindy Danini said that the Provost’s office is working on this, citing their ideas of a webcam or some sort of supervision that would be allowed in these areas to maintain some accountability.

Several senators reminded their peers to go out and vote. “There are not many countries with this right,” said Senator Natalie Walls.

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