Review: Gruesome new series ‘Ratched’ is ‘breathtakingly violent’

Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

If you found yourself loving “American Horror Story,” then you might want to check out one of Netflix’s newest series, “Ratched”. 

Nurse Ratched is actually based on a real person, once reimagined by novelist Ken Kesey. You may recognize this character from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” written by Kesey from his interactions with the real Nurse Ratched.

This gruesome new series was created by Evan Romansky. Nurse Ratched was brought to life by Sarah Paulson, a frequent face on Netflix and talented horror actress. Paulson is not a rookie when it comes to taking on ruthless and villainess roles. She graced the screen on multiple seasons of “American Horror Story.”

In the show, Mildred Ratched, better known as Nurse Ratched, grew up in incredibly horrific circumstances from being an orphan to enduring all kinds of abuse. She grew up with another orphaned boy who she considers to be her brother, they both find themselves in a home which leaves them both traumatized into adulthood. Her self-proclaimed brother, Edmund Tolleson, is played by another actor very familiar with the “AHS” blood and gore, Finn Wittrock.

Edmund finds himself in all sorts of trouble throughout the series and Mildred would do anything to get her brother out of trouble, even murder among other brutal crimes. The whole show portrays Mildred cleaning up her brothers’ messes and even creating some of her own. Nurse Ratched was not able to acquire her nursing job by herself, she had to clear a spot for herself in the Lucia State Hospital.

Ratched ran into numerous obstacles trying to make a name for herself and clear her brothers. That did not stop her, however, she dealt with each struggle just as cutthroat as the last, literally. Nurse Ratched poured into people about how she felt mentally ill people could get better with the right treatment and care, all while executing anyone who stood in her way.

If you like shows where there is a gory murder around every corner with a seemingly flawless cover up each time, then this one might be the right one for you. “Ratched” is breathtakingly violent and leaves you wondering who is going to be the next victim of Nurse Ratched on her quest to free her brother. Although, it does not turn out like that towards the end.

Mildred becomes tired of covering up for her brother and truly wants to start living a normal life without all the gore and glory. She flees her position as a nurse at Lucia State Hospital when all hell was breaking loose, leaving her brother, Edmund behind. Just as Mildred thought she was all clear, she becomes aware that her past has not forgotten about her and it has come back to make sure she does not forget it.

“Ratched” is already guaranteed a second season on Netflix and I can say that I will be impatiently waiting for it to air.

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