‘The Walking Dead’ ends production after 11th season

‘The Walking Dead’ will return for its final season this year. (Courtesy of tecake.in) ‘The Walking Dead’ will return for its final season this year. (Courtesy of tecake.in)

Alexandra O’Neal, Correspondent

Well, this is it. It’s been ten years since the first episode of one of the most popular AMC series: The Walking Dead. The post-apocalyptic horror show based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard quickly became a fan-favorite after its premier in 2010. With viewers and ratings growing with each season, it quickly became a pop culture classic.

Unlike previous seasons, season 11 will be much longer (24 episodes), airing in the span of two years. This final season will premiere in 2021 and finish by 2022. The delayed finale of season 10, which was rescheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic, will air as a special episode on October 4th.

Although viewership has fluctuated over the years, there will most likely be a drastic increase in ratings for the final season. I doubt that fans who have since stopped keeping up with the show will let this season slip by unnoticed, if only to see how it wraps up in the series finale.

With the shocking departure of main character Rick Grimes in season 9, The Walking Dead began a new storyline within the Walking Dead universe. After another main character, Michonne, left the series in season 10, viewers began to suspect that the show was coming to an end.

However, while the ending of The Walking Dead is a disappointment to many, there is still hope for potential spin-offs. The ending of the series will by no means be the death of the Walking Dead universe. Fans of the show will be excited to learn of rumours about a possible show focusing on Daryl and Carol, with a tentative 2023 premiere. 

Fans have already begun hypothesizing possible series endings. Whatever the finale might be, it probably won’t tie up every single loose end of the plot. While fans look forward to a satisfying conclusion, AMC is planning on continuing the franchise through potential spin-offs and movies. Hopefully, The Walking Dead will do a good job memorializing the characters in the finale while still setting up plotlines for future projects.

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