JSU art department kicks off fall galleries

Hammond Hall, pictured, is home to JSU’s art department. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)Hammond Hall, pictured, is home to JSU’s art department. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

The JSU art department was able to begin showing their fresh, fall galleries and exhibits at the beginning of this month despite the ongoing pandemic. 

With the right social distancing protocol and unique ways to experience the galleries including appointments and virtual viewings, seeing beautiful works of art by students and other artists around the nation is still possible. 

Beginning on Sept. 4, Hammond Hall began displaying The Dream Deferred on campus by appointments to maintain social distancing. Appointments to see the gallery are available until Sept. 24. If going to the gallery in person makes you uncomfortable, a website dedicated to showing the works featured in the gallery has been created (https://www.thedreamdeferred.com/). 

The Dream Deferred focuses on representing various cultures and ethical backgrounds. The gallery features numerous artists from across the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. This gallery represents decades and decades of racial injustice. Since the recent death of George Floyd and so many others have occurred, many artists are wanting to express their grief and thoughts through their artwork, and this is one of the many examples of how artists are sharing.

Along with The Dream Deferred, a spin art show is currently up at Hammond Hall featuring the work of Renée Rey. Renée Rey is an award-winning artist who works in both southwest Florida and New York City. A showing of her Original Spin series of telescopic and intimate scaled paintings and mixed media artwork is currently in Hammond Hall. Rey’s work invisions beautiful landscapes and some human figuration. 

The art department also hosted an Instagram live show with Renée Rey herself. During the Instagram live, Rey went through her Original Spin series and talked about the paintings and what they represented. She also answered questions from viewers watching live. If you missed the Instagram live, it is still on IGTV. Just go to the art department Instagram account (Jaxstateart) and you’ll be able to see it on their feed. 

For more information about the Original Spin showing, please contact gallery coordinator Morgan Worsham at mworsham@jsu.edu.

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