Exploring current counseling options

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

An increase in battles with mental health has risen 67 percent since the global pandemic began and it needs to be addressed. During these unprecedented times, mental health tends to plummet in people of all ages. Depression and anxiety set it and it can become too much for anybody, even those who may not have shown any depression/anxiety symptoms before the start of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Mental health needs to be looked after as much as physical health is. Oftentimes reaching out because of mental health can be portrayed as showing weakness and can seem embarrassing. Stopping that stigma should be the number one priority because of the amount of lives it can save. Reaching out is so important and can help significantly. 

There are numerous doctors and counselors to talk to if you’re searching. There are companies popping up that allow alternatives to going to an in-person counseling service including BetterHelp which has been on the rise for a while now. 

Universities have also taken on the challenge of helping their students with the rise of mental health issues, despite the difficulties in maneuvering around the social distance aspect of life now. JSU has set up a new counseling meeting method using Microsoft Teams with appointments to chat one-on-one. 

To learn more about the Counseling Services offered at Jacksonville State University, visit http://www.jsu.edu/ccservices/.

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