OPINION: Party scene surrounding JSU ‘isn’t regularly active’

The scene at Brother's Bar on Saturday, Aug. 29. (Ashley Phillips/The Chanticleer)The scene at Brother's Bar on Saturday, Aug. 29. (Ashley Phillips/The Chanticleer)

Ashley Phillips, Copy Editor

One recent Saturday evening, Brother’s Bar in Jacksonville settled in for a quiet night despite the usual healthy bar culture surrounding a college town. 

The disc-jockey looked bored as he let the music play out over an empty dance floor. Five or six patrons sat scattered behind the bar: a few more at the billiard tables. It was the same scene the previous Thursday night — a supposed party night amongst fraternities. 

Despite the recent viral photo of a certain concert with a packed bar with scarcely a mask in sight, the consensus is that the party scene surrounding the campus isn’t regularly active. 

Many students paying for housing moved back to campus and can’t afford for the school to close again. Perhaps this could be contributing to the drop in partying. 

Asked if we could enter to take a few photos of the bar scene the bar owner said he didn’t mind at all. He only wished there was more of a scene to capture.

Was the usual Thursday and Saturday night the fluke, or was it the concert? It’s my opinion that students mostly understand the consequences of bending the pandemic rules. 

Just in the few weeks after opening there has been a sharp rise in COVID cases around campus, despite most classes converting to mostly online with TEAMS meetings. One reason for this could be because the universities policy on allowing classes to resume to preserve as much of a natural college experience as possible. If it is due to a partying atmosphere, they typically aren’t partying in public spaces.

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