Is ‘The Lost Husband’ worth the watch?

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Boredom struck once again this past weekend and I found myself on Netflix looking for something to watch. I typically check out the top 10 list they have recently acquired and I noticed ‘The Lost Husband’ on it. I was instantly gravitated to it because Josh Duhamel stars in it, and because of the obvious romantic elements to it. 

Though it throws major Hallmark vibes throughout the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the depth it brought along with it. I even found myself laughing from time to time due to the way the actors and actresses played the roles so well. 

Duhamel plays a stubborn, tough guy named James O’Connor and his love interest Libby Moran, portrayed by Leslie Bibb, plays a stressed, yet carefree mom of two. Periodically throughout the movie, the two bump heads over various things ranging from family issues to how to properly run the goat farm Moran’s aunt owns. 

The movie captures some not-so-lighthearted topics including bullying and family issues. It definitely tugs at the heart strings up until the very end. I believe one of the reasons this movie is amazing is because of how well the cast works together. The chemistry is there between Bibb and Duhamel, and that makes the love connection in the movie seem that much more believable. 

I’m adding this to my favorite rom-coms list for sure. It has everything you could think of for the genre. Though it’s no ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘The Notebook’, it’s still a well put-together film that portrays a beautiful love story unfolding. I highly recommend it to my fellow romantic movie-enthusiasts if you’re on the hunt for something new. 10/10, definitely worth the watch.

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