Chemical Hearts captured mine

Chemical Hearts received a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Courtesy of Hearts received a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Courtesy of

Breanna Hill, Features Editor 

I think of myself as a romantic movie connoisseur so when the trailer of Chemical Hearts first came out I knew I had to watch it as soon as it was released. Besides the romantic based plot line, other elements interested me when I first saw the trailer. 

As a person who was obsessed with Riverdale for the first two seasons (kinda went downhill after that), I adored the character Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart. I was eager to see her starring in a romantic movie, but I was even more eager when I found out she was an executive producer for the movie itself. 

Besides Lili, the rest of the cast was pretty new to me. I don’t remember seeing any of the main cast members in anything else which made me excited to see how well they worked together. The movie was nothing like I had expected. I tend to have the thought in my head that every romantic movie has to end with the two main protagonists being together and living happily ever after, but in some rare occurrences, like this one, (spoiler), they don’t. 

Though they don’t end up together in the end, their romance is beautifully crafted in the center of the film. The movie points out that not all romantic relationships are built to last, and though it’s heartbreaking it was meant to be that way and changing that is not an option. Heartbreak is such a magnified portion of this movie, and that doesn’t make it lessen the beautiful story that it is, it just makes it even more real and raw. 

The reason this movie is at the top of my romance genre right now is because of the realness it shows. Not all of the romance movies, or books out there show heartbreak, and if they do it’s not concrete or final. Every movie has conflict, that’s what makes it work, but usually the conflict is resolved completely to a point where there’s nothing left to imagine or wonder about. Wonder is a good thing, though. Chemical Hearts leaves you wondering. The conflict isn’t resolved completely. Yes, there’s an understanding at the end that their relationship is over. It was brief, and now it’s over, but that’s not the end of romance for either of them. 

I love that this movie shares that romance may not come once in a lifetime, it can come and be strong and everything you pictured it to be, but still not work out for one reason or another. This movie is beautifully done and top on my list, and will probably remain up there for quite some time. I highly recommend checking it out on Amazon Prime if you get the chance. It’s so much more than a romantic movie and that’s where my deep appreciation stems from. 10/10.

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