Midnight Sun joins Twilight franchise

The book Midnight Sun joins the Twilight franchise on August 4, fifteen years after the first one was released. (Koimoi)The book Midnight Sun joins the Twilight franchise on August 4, fifteen years after the first one was released. (Koimoi)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Stephanie Meyers finally released Midnight Sun on Aug. 4, adding to the already massively popular Twilight franchise. Midnight Sun takes fans back to the first part of the epic love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, this time from the beloved vampire’s perspective. 

The process of writing and releasing this addition wasn’t easy. All hope was lost when Meyers abandoned the project back in 2008 when part of the book was leaked online. Fans weren’t sure if Midnight Sun would ever be a reality once that occurred. Fans still refused to give up, proving their loyalty to the saga which made over 3.3 billion worldwide. 

Meyers began a countdown on her website for a big announcement. Fans eagerly waited while the countdown continued and finally on May 4 of this year the countdown ended and Meyers announced the release date for Midnight Sun, Aug. 4. In the first week alone one million copies sold and it’s holding the No. 1 spot on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books List. 

The book is 672 pages in length, which exceeds the amount in Twilight; it’s no surprise when you factor in Edward’s profound thoughts and background that are unavailable in the first book of the saga. 

The reason this book is such a monumental addition is because of the amount of new information it produces. Seeing a story from a different perspective brings upon new plots and storylines that can create new opinions and ideas. Edward’s perspective lets fans see his vulnerability, true intentions and the struggles he faces daily when wanting to keep Bella near him and far away from him at the same time. 

Fans finally get a look into what goes on when Edward is away from Bella while simultaneously giving a better view of how the Cullens deal with everyday life while keeping their secret. The book showing Edward’s struggles with wanting to do what’s best for Bella while also wanting to be with her is coinciding with what happens in the second book New Moon

The Twilight Saga was the first book series I was obsessed with. I first came across the books while in fifth grade and it has remained one of the best series I’ve ever read. I have trouble from time to time finding a book series that will keep me entertained long enough to finish the books, and to be quite honest with myself I find myself comparing every series I try out to the Twilight Saga and a couple other of book series I’ve read that have captivated me in some way. 

Because of my deep appreciation and admiration for the series, when I heard Midnight Sun was finally being released I could barely contain my excitement. I pre-ordered it and it was read within a few days. I learned more about Edward and the Cullens family than I thought possible and it left me wanting more. I, along with the other fans, will always want more. 

Luckily for us, Meyers has toyed with the idea of writing more books, not necessarily from Edward’s perspective (although I’m dying for New Moon from his perspective), but maybe stories regarding the lives of Jacob and Renesmee. I’m not getting my hopes up for any more movies because I find it to be a bit far fetched that they could convince Robert Pattinson and others to revisit an old project, not to mention the fact they no longer look like high school students which would make the film even more impossible. 

It should also be noted that though I appreciated the love story between Edward and Bella, I was always a Team Jacob fan, but reading Midnight Sun and knowing Edward’s thoughts and the lengths he went just to keep Bella safe has caused me to soften my view on their relationship and understand it a bit better. 

The book is beautifully written and offers fans more than just a different perspective. It lets them revisit a beloved book series and experience it in a whole new way. I highly recommend giving it a read. It’s quite fun to compare both his perspective and Bella’s and see how the unique love story develops from both angles. 10/10.

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