JSU schools announce individual reopening guidelines

The School of Arts and Humanities are among other schools at JSU to have their own reopening plan. (Scott Young/The Chanticleer)The School of Arts and Humanities are among other schools at JSU to have their own reopening plan. (Scott Young/The Chanticleer)

Ashley Phillips, Copy Editor

As students and faculty re-enter the classrooms this week at JSU, the prospect of what reopening might look like has been on everyone’s mind. 

The individual schools have set up their own set of safety standards for re-opening, so students might notice the rules for each hall will vary.  

Most of the classrooms will be equipped with a sanitation station, and the use of masks is mandatory. Laminated schemes for where classroom furniture should be for proper social distancing have been posted on all the doors of all classrooms. With this basic standard in place, here are a couple other practices put into place from each of the JSU schools. 

School of Arts and Humanities

Students in the art studios will be provided with a pair of nitrile gloves and mask per class session as they will be using communal objects. Plastic dividers have been installed in the costume shop at the Drama Department, and communal items such as the sewing machines or pins must be sanitized after each use. 

School of Business and Industry 

As with most of JSU’s classes, the school has moved many of their classes online or in a hybrid setting wherever possible. Lab spaces have been modified for social distancing.

School of Education

Classrooms have been modified with plexiglass screens in front of the instructors. Some buildings have enabled one entrance and one exit to the building to ensure proper flow of traffic, as well as checkpoints if necessary. Labs have been modified for reduced seating availability to ensure physical distancing. 

School of Health Professions and Wellness 

Nursing students will be limited to two students per bed, with cloth dividers separating each bed. Students will have their temps checked at the start of each class. Social distancing in place, with plexiglass dividers for teachers

School of Human Services & Social Sciences

Some labs have been closed off for students for the fall semester. The Psychology pigeon lab has been closed to students but the forensics lab at McClellan remains open. 

School of Science 

Classrooms, as with others, have been assessed for their capacity and students will attend on a rotation based attendance if class size is over the maximum. Plastic shields will prevent entry into offices but will allow interaction between students and instructors. More information for each school can be found on the JSU website, here.

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