JSU offering discounted tuition rate for online summer classes

Zachary Grizzard, Correspondent

Jacksonville State University is offering a discounted rate for online tuition for undergraduate summer 2020 classes. Online classes at JSU normally cost $377 per credit hour, but the rate has been reduced to $324 per credit hour for the summer.

Chris Casey, the director of Online@JSU, clarified that the decrease has nothing to do with the COVID-19 outbreak and that JSU has been lowering online class tuition every summer semester since 2015.

“This began then as an incentive for students to stay connected to JSU and continue making progress during the summer, even if they leave the area to return to their hometowns for summer jobs, or travel,” said Casey.

Casey further explains that the decrease improves summer enrollment, overall retention and ensures students don’t lose sight of their academics while away from campus during the summer.

“While the COVID-19 situation was not the reason for this year’s continuation of this summer incentive, it certainly serves our students well who find themselves unexpectedly needing to take classes online rather than on campus,” said Casey.

Summer classes begin on May 13 and the last day to register or add a class is May 14.

For more information about online classes and Online@JSU, visit http://www.jsu.edu/online/summer/.

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