Jerod Sharp elected SGA president with 914 votes

Scott Young, News Editor

Jerod Sharp, the incumbent Vice President of Student Senate, has been elected SGA president for the 2020-2021 academic year, defeating his opponent, Kate Seibert. The margin of victory was approximately two to one, with Sharp earning 914 votes to Seibert’s 449 votes.

“It still hasn’t set in but I am beyond grateful for this opportunity,” Sharp wrote on Facebook shortly after the results. “I promise and vow to serve you all to the best of my ability with students and their stories in mind as decisions are made!”

Sharp ran on a platform of enhancing communication between the student body and the JSU administration, denoting himself as one of the “main supporters” of the recent SGA town halls. 

As SGA president, Sharp said he wants to ensure that SGA is “efficiently representing the diversity of the student body” and that he wants to champion a sexual assault awareness campaign, previously promised by incumbent SGA President Ulises Herrera.

Elections were also held for the SGA executive team. 

In the race for Vice President of Organizational Affairs, no candidate received an outright majority, meaning that there will be a runoff election on April 16, 2020 from 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. between the top two candidates with the most votes: Auburn McKee, with 577 votes, and Gabriel Alvarez, with 359 votes. 

Katie Wolf, with 320 votes and Garrett Harrelson, with 83 votes, came in third and fourth place, respectively.

Scout Spears was narrowly elected Vice President of Student Activities with 694 votes to Alayah Washington’s 669 votes, a 25 vote difference. 

Brooke Robinson ran unopposed for Vice President of Public Relations and Cindy Danini ran unopposed for Vice President of Student Senate.

For the Student Senate, the winners are: Caleb Howell, Natalie Walls, Olivia Fenderson, Bless Vincent, Daniel Washington, Destiny Paris-Cartwright, Dexter Ferguson, Jewelishia Johnson, Kaleigh Rhoades, Lauren Lipscomb, Marina Young, Matthew Reed, Tierra Thatch, Timothy (Jacob) Hinkles, Zavius Kidd, Britney Barker, Guadalupe Orozco Rosiles, Kaylee Rawlins, Adison Cook, Maria Casil, Taylor Mabry, Lauryn Townsend, Arcadia Lopez, Molly Frost, Kevin Barajas, Christina Phillips and Adam McNeal.

Avery Bobbitt was voted Miss Friendly with 675 votes, defeating Britney Barker and Mardasia Thompson. Mason Myrick was voted Mr. Friendly with 382 votes, defeating William Foster, Michal Canady and Philip (Trey) Caldwell. 

Peeper Walker was voted Miss Jax State with 391 votes, defeating Lauryn Cochran, Caitlin Queen, Tara Maynard, Sarah Sumners and Lauren Watson. Will Dickson was voted Mr. Jax State with 468 votes, defeating Kemuel Williams, Zavius Kidd and Kevin Barajas.

UPDATE: 4/16/20, 9:42 p.m.

On Thursday, McKee was declared the winner of the runoff election for the position of Vice President of Organizational Affairs, defeating Alvarez.


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