OPINION: Society needs a return to civility, positivity and respect

Garrett Sanders pens an opinion piece, saying "people are judged for what they believe in and that alone defines their character." (Courtesy of CNBC)Garrett Sanders pens an opinion piece, saying "people are judged for what they believe in and that alone defines their character." (Courtesy of CNBC)

Garrett Sanders, Correspondent

I need to get something off my chest here. I wish that there were more genuine, honest people that lived their life to spread positivity on things and would learn to settle their differences aside and be civil to each other.

I say this because too many times there are times where I can’t hold a civilized conversation with anyone when it comes to a difference of opinion. For many that don’t know, I will be honest with you: I am a Christian Conservative, but that’s beside the fact.

I personally don’t think it makes it any more right for people to be labeled off of just their beliefs and values on whether they are a good person or not. At the end of the day, it only matters how the person treats you (specifically) and others around them. Your actions are reflected on by what your character shows about you.

Politics and religion is just an opinion that everyone has a right to believe in what they want. With that being said, it doesn’t make it right to say what other people believe in means that they’re bad people just because they believe something different from what you believe in.

I honestly believe that that is what is wrong with our society today. We are to a point that people are judged for what they believe in and that alone defines their character.

Let me give you an example of why this is an absurd way of thinking that. Take me for example. In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump.

All of that aside, from what you know me to be from my character as a person, does that still make me a bad person to you? If you know me of who I am based off of my actions, then it shouldn’t change what you think of me now!

The same should apply to everyone else on an individual standpoint. It’s so frustrating to me that people are so quick to jump ship on others immediately as soon as they see a difference of opinion. Who wants that? Honestly?

I guarantee you if you married someone or were close friends with an individual and you had the same exact beliefs down to the core as them, you would have nothing to learn off of that person and make a lifelong bond with them. If anything, you would be bored to death being with that person all your life. That’s the beauty about human personalities in general. We are all different.

Take it from me, if someone seems great to you, then they most likely are! Don’t let the differences of what they think influence you to feel different about them as a person.

We all have differences in beliefs. And if we allow our differences aside, we can be civil about it and get along.

At the end of the day when it regards me personally, just remember this. I always will be the same person as you know me to be to you.

Let’s take this and learn to continue to treat people with respect and be everyone’s friend regardless of your difference of opinion with them. Why? Because it is of good character of nature to do so. It is also just the right thing to do. It’s called being a decent human being. And after all, we are ALL not perfect, right? We are ALL human.

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