Things to do when you’re bored in quarantine

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Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Being quarantined for a while with no end in sight is enough to make any sane person go mad. Luckily, I have found some hobbies throughout the day to help me keep that sanity as much as I possibly can. Try your own variations, or adopt some of mine, and make this time at home a little less dreadful.

1) Find a podcast. I’ll be honest, I never really cared for podcasts until a few months ago. I never really saw the point or the excitement in listening to others talk when you could be listening to your favorite tunes. The Office Ladies podcast completely changed my opinion on it. This podcast is very addictive to me and other “The Office” lovers. Two of the actresses of the show, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, are reliving each episode in order and giving even more insight and stories about the beloved show which I am eating up. You’ll be surprised how entertaining podcasts can be, and there are hundreds, maybe even millions, of podcasts to choose from. There’s one for everybody. Listening to a podcast can help you get through that bit of homework or that unattractive chore list.

2) Create a series/movie checklist and complete it. I have recently been doing this too. Now is the perfect time to throw yourself into a binge-fest. Rewatch your favorite series or start a new one. Put yourself to the test and attempt to watch every Disney movie ever made. Go a step further and dedicate a couple of hours a night with your family to watch a movie. It’s an incredible stress reliver. I was always looking for an excuse to stay in and watch my favorite show “Outlander” and now I have no other choice than to stay in and do just that.

3) Catch up on school. I know this looks like the least fun on the list, but it is very beneficial and necessary to keep in mind even during this global pandemic. Ya gotta study for that test. I will admit that I struggle with self-discipline when it comes to schoolwork so being the disciplinarian and having to tell myself to do my work is pretty difficult, but there’s no other choice. Dedicate half the day to school and the other have for leisure. Making to-do lists and setting up a schedule that works for you is one of the best ways to ensure success throughout this situation.

Try these out. Stay safe. Stay sane.

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