Kate Seibert, Jerod Sharp announce candidacy for SGA president

Scott Young, News Editor

Kate Seibert and Jerod Sharp both announced on Monday evening that they will run for the SGA presidency for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“I am delighted to kick off my campaign for SGA President,” said Seibert on Facebook. “JSU has given me so much and I love being able to serve my fellow students. I’m so excited for this position and I hope you’ll consider me on April 14.”

I am beyond excited and humbled to announce my candidacy for the SGA Presidency,” said Sharp on Facebook. “I have had the honor of serving as the SGA Vice President of Student Senate this past academic year and I would love to have the opportunity to keep serving the amazing students here at JSU in the capacity as SGA President! Please keep me in mind as you go to vote on April 14!”

Seibert, a senior majoring in communication, currently serves as the SGA vice president of public relations, a position that was previously held by Herrera.

“This year, I feel like I was successful in allowing a broader range of students to be spotlighted on the page and becoming more accessible to students,” said Seibert.

Seibert said that she has developed relationships with school administrators, faculty and staff in her current position and that working in SGA has allowed her to understand the decision making process within the JSU administration.

“It helped me realize what students needed most, since I am a student and I interact with them on a daily basis,” she explained.

Sharp is a junior majoring in cell and molecular biology who currently serves as the vice president of student senate. 

When asked about his accomplishments in SGA, Sharp cites his role in establishing a Presidential Cabinet, overseeing SGA events and reforming the judicial board, among other things.

The VPSS [Vice President of Student Senate] is first in the order of succession behind the SGA President,” he said. “and by his side I was able to make great connections with faculty members who serve on Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Senate President.”

Sharp also indicated that he would like to “do what President Herrera never had the opportunity to do” and have a sexual assault awareness campaign on campus.

“I’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure all students, from dual enrollment to graduate, are treated fairly and properly by all staff, faculty, and administrators,” he said.

Candidate speeches and debates will be posted to the JSU website on April 10. The election will be held on myJSU from 12:01 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on April 14.

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