OPINION: Implementing a mandatory quarantine in response to COVID-19 would cause mass chaos

As of Friday, March 20, the United States has 16,162 cases of COVID-19. (Courtesy of HIT Consultant)As of Friday, March 20, the United States has 16,162 cases of COVID-19. (Courtesy of HIT Consultant)

Garrett Sanders, Correspondent

The sky is falling. Literally. Sporting events are being cancelled left and right. Universities and schools across the nation are being shut down. Court hearings across the nation are being postponed. Even Sunday school is being done away with. All of this has an effect on us in some way.

The Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has caused a huge hysteria of panic across the world. A lot of people are fearful of how this has already escalated into becoming a worldwide pandemic. As a result of panic and fear, the world as we know it is falling apart.

Once started in China, the Coronavirus has now spread across the entire globe. Different countries are taking measures into how they want to stop the spreading of this disease. One of the proposed ways to prevent this is making everybody by law quarantine themselves into isolation for a long extended period of time and hope that the virus will eventually pass over. 

This does help stop the prevention of COVID-19 in some ways. But, to say everyone will follow the rules of staying isolated is absurd. There are over seven billion people on Earth today. The idea of quarantining people sounds good on people, but to implement it is impossible.

I’ve mentioned that quarantining people is nearly impossible to do, but what I did not mention is that it also has an effect on everyone on this planet in a very negative way.

When you are asking people to quarantine themselves into isolation for a long period of time, you are limiting the spreading of the virus, but you are also putting a halt to everyday life. When you put the world on hold to hopefully find a cure, it causes mass chaos. And in a very bad way.

This has affected everyone in some fashion or form. People have certain things they have to get done. Whether it be attending a court hearing, traveling across the country or world to make a business trip or family visit, or even attend an on-campus class, people have a daily obligation.

The change of lifestyle to everyone being affected is treated on an individual case. However, there are some people who are having to cope with being isolated more than they have already been. When class is canceled and you don’t have anywhere to go but stay on campus, you’re in pure isolation.

Let’s not forget that most people are fortunate enough to have a place to call home. But for the ones that do, there are others who do not. Now that many people have left campus, those who are not fortunate enough to leave have no one to turn to.

The Coronavirus is something that is very dangerous and something to keep our eyes peeled on, but the solution to the problem of asking everyone to quarantine themselves is one that affects society as a whole.

As time moves on with the virus, diplomatic leaders are looking for a cure to end this pandemic. Time is inevitable at this point. But one thing is for certain. Even if the sky is falling, life as we know it will still go on.

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