‘The Slow Rush’ makes time stand still

Pictured is the album cover for Tame Impala's new album 'The Slow Rush'. (Courtesy of Pitchfork)Pictured is the album cover for Tame Impala's new album 'The Slow Rush'. (Courtesy of Pitchfork)

Jada Hester, Correspondent

After several months of delay, Tame Impala’s album ​The Slow Rush ​was finally released on Valentine’s Day. The man behind the music, Kevin Parker, is an Australian singer that writes, records, and produces his own music. Many fans were eager for the new music considering that his last album, ​Currents, was released all the way back in 2015. While it made Parker more famous than he probably expected, ​Currents ​ helped him appear on ​Saturday Night Live ​ in early 2019, and he was the headlining act of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival later that year. Clearly Parker has a tremendous amount of talent, which can be heard on​ Slow Rush.

The Slow Rush ​is simply a genre-defying work of art. There are beats that you can’t help but dance to, others that make you think of timeless psychedelia, and some that are straight-up 1970s electric funk. Further than just the music, Parker reflects on both how quickly time moves and how it seems to stand still. Most of the album’s song titles have to do with time such as “Tomorrow’s Dust” and “Lost in Yesterday.”  

The musician also struggles with his self-worth, and he revised several songs before the album was released. The first single, “Patience,” didn’t even make the cut. However, ​The Slow Rush ​ follows his mindset as he learns how to deal with his own dark thoughts. In “Breathe Deeper,” Parker sings, “Breathe a little deeper / Should you need to come undone / And let those colours run / Now you’re having fun.”  

After the twist and turns of psychedelic rock, synth pop, and genres that don’t even have a name, Parker’s fifth album comes to an end with “One More Hour.” This song in particular reflects on how he’s gotten to this point in life. In the outro, Parker sings, “​One more hour and you know your life is one to share / Just a minute, baby, right before we go through here / All these people said we wouldn’t last a minute, dear / I’m with you and I can roll into another year.” He and his new wife, Sophie Lawrence, are looking to the future, and they are hopeful about what it holds for them.  

Overall, Tame Impala’s ​The Slow Rush ​ is a huge success. The chaotic but somehow calming nature makes this album a bit bewildering, but the lyrics and music work so well together that the fans have stopped caring. Kevin Parker painted a trippy picture with this album, but with a massive tour coming up later this year, it’s certainly given him a phenomenal reputation. ​The Slow Rush ​makes time stand still, if only for as long as the album lasts.

4 / 5 Stars!

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