OPINION: Nashville continues to show ‘pride and loyalty’ amid tornado destruction

Garrett Sanders, Correspondent

Nashville: the Music City. The capital of country music. Where opportunities are turned into reality. And most importantly, my home away from home.

The state capital of the great state of Tennessee has greatly impacted me in my life. It is there that I witnessed my first professional sports event in both hockey and football. It is also where I have made a lot of memories going to downtown and experiencing the nightlife of Broadway and the Grand Ole’ Opry.

While there are many other contributing factors to my life that this city has made to me, the one thing that this city has for me is dear to my heart: that is my family.

My family on my biological father’s side of the family has lived in the community of Nashville for generations. From all the way back as far as the Civil War to present day, the roots of my family’s history have resided here.

My great-grandmother was famously known around town for her famous secret homemade biscuits that she served up fresh from scratch every morning. No one knows to this day what her secret was to making those irresistible bite sized of fluffy golden brown biscuits. But what everyone can tell you is she made them with a whole lot of love in them. 

There is one thing that has stayed true about Nashvillians over the time of its existence. And that is they love their city and are proud of it.

Take it from a sports fan like me, even though the market is incredibly much smaller than your markets like Los Angeles or New York, the fanbases of the teams in this city will give you chills down your spine. 

The tension you get being in Bridgestone Arena at Predators Stanley Cup Playoff game is like no other in the National Hockey League. The deafening roar of the crowd is intimidating enough for the opposing team. But make a mistake to the Predators advantage, you’ll hear about it to no ends.

But it’s not just the Predators. Right down the road, you have one of the more upcoming intimidating stadiums in the National Football League with the Titans. When you have a reputation for showing up at the biggest games in your home stadium, you know opposing teams are intimidated.

Adding to that, the Music City is only growing and expanding to other sports leagues as well. Just last week, the debut of Nashville’s Major League Soccer team seated a near sellout crowd in their home stadium. If this city has shown one thing, it’s that they love their sports.

While the sports teams in the Music City make it special, it’s not the selling point of what makes this community prosper.

When you think of the state of Tennessee, the first thing that pops up into mind is their country music. And it’s no secret that to start a career in music, Nashville is the destination to be.

Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett, you name it, they all have made their names in this city.

However, everything is never perfect with any town or city. Despite how great Nashville is, it does have it’s flaws. Some of it can be attributed to being located dead center in tornado alley in the south. While it is a rarity that a major disaster strikes, it is bound to occasionally happen.

Early Tuesday morning on March 2, 2020, an E-F4 and an additional E-F3 violent tornado came into the path of the city of Nashville. With winds up to 175 miles per hour, the two twisters did significant damage to the city and the surrounding communities around Nashville.

The storms associated with the tornado caused pure destruction and devastation across the state of Tennessee.

Approximately 25 deaths were reported along with hundreds of others being injured. Damage across the city included homes, schools, buildings, and businesses sustaining surmountable blows.

While lives were lost in the midst of this travesty, the city of Nashville stuck together through the tough times. People from all around town have offered a helping hand. Fundraisers and donations have made a huge difference in recovering as a city. 

Tennessee Titans controlling owner, Amy Adams-Strunk, donated one million dollars to help the city recover. But not only did citizens pour in a lending hand, other organizations from other cities across the country were generous enough to offer a lending hand in donations. 

It’s no secret, the city of Nashville will take a long time to recover from the unfortunate events that took place. But what the citizens of this city continues to show is pride and loyalty. With a prospering community on the rise, the future is bright.

It is times like this that make us unite together. That’s what makes the worst of times come out as a positive. Not just for the city, but for the country as well. Together, regardless of being from the Music City or not, we are all Nashville Strong.

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