International House hosts Study Abroad Fair

The International House, pictured, started in 1946 and currently house 40 students. (Scott Young/The Chanticleer)The International House, pictured, started in 1946 and currently house 40 students. (Scott Young/The Chanticleer)

Arynn Williams, Correspondent

On Monday, the Office of International House and Programs held a Study Abroad Fair in the quad. Students could stop by and learn about the multitude of programs available in the coming year.

“It’s about having a new experience and meeting new people around the world,” coordinator of the program Jason Mallet said. 

Studying abroad is more than just gaining credits on your transcript. It’s an opportunity to expand your entire worldview. Whether you make a new friend or learn a new language, traveling abroad benefits every student. If you are considering studying abroad, there’s a lot of information to take in, but don’t worry! It is all actually pretty simple.

The program has three variations: faculty led, CCSA, and partner universities. Students participating in the program have traveled to many countries overseas, including Columbia, Australia, and Italy. While faculty led trips scheduled for this year have been canceled due to Coronavirus, staff is hopeful that these trips will take place next year instead. The trips would have been to Spain, Italy, and the UK.

CCSA is a group of about 25 universities that participate in study abroad trips together. All CCSA trips are to English speaking countries, including Ireland, Belize, and South Africa. These trips are led by faculty from the participating universities, including the occasional JSU professor. Lasting just two to four weeks, these trips are a great way to spend your winter or spring break. Scholarships of up to $1,000 are available through CCSA for any student interested in traveling abroad.

The third variation, studying abroad through partner universities, is an option where students may study for either a full semester or just a few weeks at a university partnered with JSU’s study abroad program. Partner universities are located in India, Japan, and South Korea. These options are currently taking applications for the upcoming summer, fall, and spring semesters. Students need to act fast, though, as a few of the deadlines for showing interest are rapidly approaching.

Depending on the program, students may receive a minimum of one credit hour or up to a full semester’s worth. Students pick which of their class options they want to take, with most summer programs allowing up to two classes. These trips, while mostly for undergraduate students, are not limited and allow for graduate students by approval as well. Some programs do have restrictions to major or minors, while others require a certain GPA or a recommendation from a professor. Either your advisor or the Study Abroad Coordinator can inform you of the requirements for your desired program.

Testimonials and specific information about all of the options to study abroad can be found on JSU’s website. Contact information for Jason Mallet, Study Abroad Coordinator, can be found there as well. Any student interested in studying abroad should email Mallet to receive further information about the application process, requirements, and fees.

Studying abroad is a great option for any student and with JSU’s wide variety of programs, there is something for everyone. Spend 2021 traveling outside of the United States and be the envy of all your friends!

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