The difficulty of balancing priorities

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

I have had a tough time lately with balancing priorities. I like to be organized and neat as I possibly can, but when you have more on your plate that you thought you ever would, it can be a bit difficult. How do you prioritize? Is there a correct way to prioritize? If so, who can teach me?

I know I’m not alone when I say that I have a full class load and multiple jobs in order to pay for basic necessities like food, gas and educational tools. Most of us are struggling day-to-day, and either we hold the feelings of self-doubt in or we bombard others with it from time to time, if they’re willing to listen. 

Being in your early twenties is definitely a wild roller coaster that sometimes results in more downs than ups, but there’s no way around it and the only way to get through it is to live through it. Live for those ups. I know I enjoy my ups, and I have made it a priority to take note of those ups and remember them as best I can during the lows. 

Is there really any way to cope with having a full plate? Probably not one that works all the time without any kinks or hiccups. There are gonna be curve balls thrown at you and enduring them isn’t going to be very easy, but what you can do is learn from them and hopefully dodge one the next time it comes around. 

Sure you can make your to-do lists, your schedules and you can even set your reminders, they’ll help, but you also have to remember to breathe and to take a break from being on the go constantly, even if it’s a fifteen minute break to watch a Youtube video. You have to enjoy at least a little part of your day, who knows, maybe it’ll help make the not-so-good parts of your day just a tad bit better. 

It’s also vitally important to remember that you’re allowed to feel exhausted from time to time. You’re allowed to skip out on going out with friends in order to catch up on some sleep or some homework. You’re allowed to have you time, and there should never be a need for you to explain to others why you need that time alone. 

Be selfish when the time calls for it. Be present with your friends and family when you’re comfortable and well-rested enough to do so. Be mindful of your limits and your needs. Be proud of yourself that you’re doing exceptional and mature things. Be happy. 

Balancing priorities is very difficult and more people struggle with the daunting task than you probably know. Keep this in mind when you see others struggling to stay awake in class, or rushing down the sidewalk so they can make it to their car to make their shift just in time.

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