Series that can be rewatched time and time again

Breanna HillArts & Entertainment Editor

We all know those series that speak to us on a deeper level. They’re rare, they’re remarkable and unlike any other. A few come to my mind instantly. Each one comes in handy when I’m in a dry spell when it comes to watching something. Here are some of my favorites that I can watch anytime, anywhere without any worry that I’ll grow tired of the content.

  1. “The Office”- I mean, who didn’t see this coming? This is one of, if not the most, binge worthy shows that can be rewatched an infinite amount of times. I’m pretty sure that this is on almost everybody’s list when it comes to rewatching, but anyways. This show has some of the best content that any show has ever had. I absolutely adore the dry, witty humor that goes hand in hand with the stellar actors and actresses. This show is 15+ years old and it’s still #9 in TV shows on Netflix. I believe this show is truly brilliant not only for the obvious reasons, but also because it has managed to captivate audiences, even audiences from different time periods, which not all shows are able to do. I’m currently watching it for the 7th or 8th time, and I still find myself cackling in bed at 3 a.m. when I should be sleeping.
  2. “Gilmore Girls”- I know that not everybody has this one on their list, but I owe it to my mom for my love of “Gilmore Girls”. I used to sit in the living room with my mom when she would watch it. Granted I never paid that much attention to it until later on in life, but now I have a deep appreciation for the quality content that the show has produced. I love the back and forth between the two Gilmores. The witty comments and the massive amount of coffee instantly made it a favorite of mine. Also, if you do happen to be a fan of the show and you haven’t seen the new addition to the series “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and head on over to Netflix right now. 
  3. “That ‘70s Show”- Another no-brainer if you ask me. I just have two words for you that can sum up my reasoning behind this being a constant series of mine: Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher reminds me of someone very special to me, and I have to admit that’s a big contributing factor to my continuous enjoyment of the show. I believe all the actors and actresses in the show are extremely talented, and they make the show what it is. It’s one of the funniest series I’ve ever seen, and I appreciate its ability to make me laugh on a bad day. 
  4. “Friends”- I know you guys saw this one coming too. If I was to bet one of these series to be the most successful, I’d bet this one. This show is much like “The Office” when I say it appeals to all ages and has been acknowledged by different generations. The humor is endless, and timeless. I love the titles of each episode, I believe that’s one of the most underappreciated aspects of the series. The show has produced a massive franchise that is still putting out merchandise to this day. I don’t believe the hype will be going away anytime soon. I mean come on, it’s too quotable to disappear in the near future. 

There ya have it. Those are my series that have become regulars, and the best part of it all, is that I can find all of these series easily on my Netflix account. I’m thankful that if I want to switch from one series to another I don’t have to switch streaming platforms cause that would waste precious time I could be laughing at some Michael Scott humor.

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