Netflix drops latest binge-worthy series: ‘Love Is Blind’

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Love is Blind” is the latest laughable, yet somehow very addictive binge worthy Netflix creation. I couldn’t be more obsessed. It popped up on my suggestion category a week ago, I believe, and I have already finished ten out of the eleven episodes in the first season (the last episode in the season comes out today, woot woot).

I was very skeptical when I watched the preview for the show. I thought it was just another bad, trashy reality show that would have a bit of drama and that would count as its primary content. I wasn’t completely off on that prediction, but this show has truly captivated my attention, despite that bit of information being true. 

The show is centered around a certain number of men and women who have committed to being part of an experiment trying to prove or disprove the hypothesis that love is blind, hence the title. The way the show creators have decided to try and prove this theory is by using these rooms that are called pods. A man and a woman enter two separate rooms that are connected and have one mutual wall. There’s no way to see through the wall, but you can talk and hear each other through it. The individuals that signed up for the experiment are hopeful of falling in love, and eventually, proposing without ever seeing their person. Strange, right?

Every guy and girl go on at least one date, letting everybody meet each other. Some of the people click, and others don’t. Some met their match and proposed, and others didn’t. It takes you on the journey of watching them connect in the pods before watching them get engaged, and finally meet each other. Once they meet they are taken on a vacation where they get to experience their physical sides with their newly found significant other. Then they head back home to move in together before meeting the families, and eventually meeting each other at the altar. Some didn’t make it that far, and some even turned away and left their person at the altar (drama alert). 

Overall it has everything that a bad, trashy romantic reality show needs in order to operate.There are some people on the show that you love instantly and then there are some that are unbelievably annoying and downright idiotic (Season one Jessica). I know I’ll be one of the first ones to watch the episode coming out on the fifth, and I’m desperately hoping that there are more seasons to come because I could watch that experiment repeat itself for quite some time. 

If you’ve been on the fence of either watching it or not watching it, I highly recommend you go ahead and hop the fence and watch it. At first it can seem kind of stupid and a waste of time, but by the end of episode one you’ll instantly be hooked and secretely rooting for your favorites. I rate it 10/10.

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