Ways to keep stressing to a minimum

Miranda Prescott, Correspondent

One of the most common comments I say to myself is how stressed out I am. While, rightfully so, given my last article, I find that managing stress has not been my area of expertise. Many times I find myself wondering how I can better cope with the stresses of everyday life. Most often than not, I spend more time thinking about what I have to do rather than how to get it done.

However, I find that typical methods of relieving stress like keeping a personal planner do not work for me. I have found that I really do not have the time to sit down and keep my personal life as organized as I do everything else. It kind of just falls on the backburner when it comes to setting out everything I have to get done for the week. 

Instead, I have found ways to keep the stress in my life lower by using two unconventional methods that I am almost positive will not work for everyone. However, I am also not saying that they will not work for anyone but me. These methods can help some people relieve stress in their life and stay organized, but more than likely not everyone will get use out of them.

1) Keeping an Internal Dialogue

This is almost guaranteed to not work for everyone. For some reason, I have been able to keep everything organized when it comes to school assignments and outside curriculars in my brain and not on paper. I can always remember when something is going on, but I can never remember what the last sentence on a PowerPoint slide is without writing it down. It is like I have a photographic memory for calendars and not notes or pictures.

This is typically how it goes when someone tells me a date for something personal in my life:

“Hey, so we have this thing on this date.”

“OK, cool. I will remember that.”

“You are not going to write it down?”

“No, I will remember.”

And somehow, I always do. However, this has caused some conflicts because I have realized that not everyone has this ability. Also, when you are in charge of making a calendar for everyone this can cause some problems, too. That is mainly because keeping an internal dialogue going for your calendar for the entirety of your life makes you feel like you do not know what you are doing when it comes to actually writing out one. 

2) Actually Carve Out Time for Yourself

One of the biggest reasons I stay stressed is because I do not keep up with when I can take personal time to myself. Taking a break has become such a rarity for me that the moment I actually did take a break last week, my family thought I was depressed. No, seriously they did. 

So, the lesson was learned there. Actually make sure you take more breaks. Because when you do, it becomes something that is normal and not a cause of concern. So, what do I do to take time for myself? I take miniature hibernations. I stay in my room and let myself become encased in peace. No texting back, no responding to emails. Just doing absolutely nothing. 

And those are the things that work for me. Like I said at the beginning of the article, they will not work for everyone. But, if you need to do absolutely nothing to catch a break for once in awhile, do it. If you can keep up with dates in your head, do it. Then we can share this common interest of weird stress relievers, too.

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