Students present academic projects at JSU symposium

Madison Bailey, Correspondent

Jacksonville State University hosted its annual Student Symposium at the Houston Cole Library from February 12 to 14, with over 50 student presentations on a wide variety of subjects.

The JSU Student Symposium is an event where students can present their research and exemplary classwork to judges in a highly academic environment. The symposium is composed of both undergraduate and graduate divisions.

At the end of the symposium, certain student presentations are selected for a variety of awards as well as monetary prizes. 

The following is a list of awards at the JSU Symposium as well as the students who received the awards for their presentations:

Awards for Best of School

  • Best of School of Science (Undergraduate) – Caleb Hudson: “Unraveling R44P: A SLC6A1 Variant Which Induces Childhood Epilepsy”
  • Best of School of Science (Graduate) – Andrew Shirley: “Toxicity of native and invasive apple snail egg proteins on developing Xenopus laevis”
  • Best of School of Human Services and Social Sciences (Undergraduate) – Kaitlyn Williams: “What’s Your Type? The comparison of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Howell Enneagram Test”
  • Best of School of Human Services and Social Sciences (Graduate) – Brett Johnson: “Positive and Negative Aspects of the United States Social Security Program”
  • Best of School of Arts and Humanities (Undergraduate) – Miranda Ivey: “Andy Warhol’s Influence in the American Pop Art Culture”
  • Best of School of Arts and Humanities (Graduate) – Karine Parker: “How UI/UX Principles can be applied to non-traditional projects in an academic-centered environment”

Category Awards

  • Best Paper (Undergraduate) – Olivia Sims: “A Discussion of the Guggenheims: The Links between the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao”
  • Best Paper (Graduate) – Alex Rocco: “Battle of the Benthic: Comparing Aggression Differences Between a Native and Invasive Species”
  • Best Poster (Undergraduate) – Shelby Harris: “The role of SLC6A1 Variant 468 C R in Myoclonic-Atonic Epilepsy and Autism”
  • Best Poster (Graduate) – Emily Hamilton: “Generalist Practice With Individuals, Families, and Groups: Competency Implementation and Evaluation”
  • Best Cover Design – Brooklee Mason: cover design selected for the printed Student Symposium program
  • Best of Showcase – Melanie Spaulding: “Flora of Cleburne County, Alabama”
  • Houston Cole Library Award for Research Excellence – Claire Behan: “The Burnout of Student Athletes”
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