President movies that are worth watching

Daniel-Day Lewis, middle, plays President Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 film 'Lincoln'. (Courtesy of Dreamworks)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

President’s Day means a lot more than just a day off from classes. It is a holiday that was created to honor presidents who made bettering this country their number one priority. Though this holiday is meant to celebrate all the presidents that the U.S. has had since gaining independence, it focuses on Washington and Lincoln the most. In honor of the patriotic holiday, here’s a list of the greatest movies based on presidents.

  1. “Lincoln” (2012) was directed by Steven Spielberg and based in part on the book “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This movie follows the most memorable parts of Lincoln’s presidency, focusing on the civil war and going all the way up to his assasination. This film shows the struggles that Lincoln faced when trying to emancipate the slaves, which included several brawls within his cabinet. This film brought in over 275 million dollars worldwide in the box office successfully. 
  2. “JFK” (1991) was directed by Oliver Stone, and was the recipient of two Oscar among other awards (17). This film follows a New Orleans District Attorney who believes to have found more information about the Kennedy assasination that took place in Dallas, Texas back in November of ‘63. The DA in the movie pulls together a team to dig deeper into what happened to JFK, and because of this, he receives a heavy amount of backlash from government officials who would rather the incident just be put to rest. This movie pulled in 205 million dollars  worldwide in the box office. 
  3. “W.” (2008) was directed by Oliver Stone, just like “JFK” and was just as successful. This movie is a filmed demonstration of George W. Bush’s life along with a detailed, and very accurate depiction of his days as president. A few of the topics that are shown in this movie include his wild, crazy college days, his military experience and his 2000 candidacy. It even shows his first term served as president before launching into his re-election campaign. Watching this movie can definitely teach you a thing or two about George. This movie brought in just over 29 million dollars to the box office. 
  4. “LBJ” (2016) was directed by Rob Reiner and focuses on the aftermath of JFK’s assassination. After Kennedy’s death, Vice President Johnson is thrust into power and has to deal with judgement and battling from both parties. The movie deals a great bit with the eventual passing of Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act. This movie brought in a total of 2.5 million dollars to the box office. 
  5. “Nixon” (1995) was directed by none other than Oliver Stone himself. The film was nominated for four Oscars and went on to be nominated fourteen more times, stealing away eleven wins. The film tells the interesting life story of former President Nixon, and shares the downfall that caused Nixon to resign in August of 1974 which was the only time in history that a president has done so. This film brought in 13.7 million dollars into the box office back in ‘95.

Sitting down and watching these movies could help you learn new facts about past nation leaders that you might not have known before. Check these films out in honor of President’s Day.

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