What type of person is your perfect match?

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Find out your perfect match by taking the quiz below!

1) It’s Friday night which means it’s officially date night. What is your ideal romantic evening?
A. A night in
B. Dinner and dancing
C. Something outdoors
D. Movies

2) What’s the first thing you notice when out on a date?
A. Personality
B. Smile
C. Eyes

3) What’s the most important thing in a relationship?
A. Trust
B. Loyalty
C. Weekend Dates
D. Attention

4) Pick a romantic getaway.
A. New York City
B. I don’t care, as long as I’m on the beach
C. Bora Bora
D. Paris

5) You know you’re in love when you…
A. Introduce them to your friends and family
B. Stay up all night talking
C. Hang out with them constantly
D. Get butterflies when you’re around them

If you answered 3/5 or more questions with ‘A’ your match is the Thinker

If you answered 3/5 or more questions with a ‘B’ your match is the Go-getter

If you answered 3/5 or more questions with a ‘C’ your match is the Adventurer

If you answered 3/5 or more questions with a ‘D’ your match is the Advisor

Thinker: The thinker is someone who you meld with perfectly because you adore the comfort that he/she brings you. He/she is able to make you laugh with ease and keeps you on your toes intellectually among other ways. They’re predictable yet spontaneous when need be, and though they don’t fit into the life-of-the party persona, they can be quite fun around those they feel comfortable with.

Go-getter: The go-getter is determined to have as much fun with their significant other as possible, despite the consequences that may come along with their actions. They’re a bit romantic when you least expect it, and they don’t let anything get in their way when they want something. They set their mind to something and they do what it takes to get it, and that may be a bit uplifting to you.

Adventurer: The adventurer will keep you on your toes in more ways than one. They’re never predictable, always a bit chaotic, in a good way of course. He/she may be all about the thrill when it comes to life, which can lead to some pretty crazy, yet totally memorable, nights. Never assume anything with an adventurer.

Advisor: The advisor is someone who you feel most safe and secure around. They’re romantic when it’s called for, but they’re also mindful and observant. They’ll listen carefully and always give great advice, and be there for you whenever you need them to be. It’s always nice to have a clear-minded significant other, especially if you’re a bit chaotic in the mind from time to time.

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