Try these last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Correspondent Miranda Prescott lists several ideas for people doing their last minute Valentine's Day shopping. (Courtesy of Reader's Digest)Correspondent Miranda Prescott lists several ideas for people doing their last minute Valentine's Day shopping. (Courtesy of Reader's Digest)

Miranda PrescottCorrespondent

This week, there is a day that restaurants will be the busiest they ever are on any typical day of the year. Some people will get engaged, others will get broken up with the day after. Oh, and there’s a baby dangerously wielding a bow and arrow. I am talking, of course, about Valentine’s Day.

Now, Valentine’s Day is not one of my favorite holidays. Mainly because of the whole baby and a bow and arrow thing. That is not safe. The Pagans were not smart about that. But, I do realize that there are a lot of people that love this holiday. They probably love this holiday more than the people they are actually spending it with. And that is perfectly ok. 

I also realize that there are a lot of people who forget about this holiday and have to get something for their special someone at the last-minute. I can say that I am and I am not this person all in one. I forget about the holiday, but typically I do not have anyone I need to do anything special for, so it usually works out.

But, I have had my share of last-minute gift ideas for other holidays, and that is where this article comes in handy. Here are three of my favorite gifts to pull together at the last second that will appease anyone on your gift list for any occasion.

1) Canvases

Being in a sorority, we make a lot of these. Painting has become a craft I have honed since receiving my bid over two years ago. So naturally, I have given a lot of painted objects to relatives and friends over the years. I can attest that they are one of the most perfect last-minute gifts to give to someone if you want to put a little more effort into them than any other gift. Even better, they are relatively inexpensive as well. You can get pain for less than a dollar a tube, and brushes and the canvas itself will not cost you that much, either. It is homemade, from the heart, and can be crafted into something that will make the receiver of the gift extremely happy.

2) Experiences

Speaking of sororities, this idea actually came from one of my sisters. Although she said    movie tickets, I’m pushing it all into its own category as an experience. It does not have to be anything expensive. It can be anything from a painting class to a concert to just spending time together in the comforts of home. Your special someone’s love language could be quality time, which makes this the perfect gift for that person. Or, your person could typically be really busy during the week and it makes it difficult to spend time together. A day just to relax and spend time with loved ones would make the perfect present for anyone who needs to slow down and take it easy.

3) Cheesy Things

While some people hate the cheesiness of certain presents, it never fails as a last-minute gift bundle. However, if you choose to go this route, you have to go big or go home. Flowers, chocolate, and a stuffed animal all at once. Not just one of these things. They are a package deal that turns into the ultimate cheese fest. Or, if you want to take this literally, just get them cheese. Unless their lactose intolerant, then probably do not do that. But, ultimately, feel free to take this idea into any direction you’d like. The level of cheese is yours for the choosing!

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