Try out one of these Valentine’s Day date ideas

Arts & Entertainment Editor Breanna Hill rattles off some potential Valentine's Day date ideas. (Courtesy of Britannica)Arts & Entertainment Editor Breanna Hill rattles off some potential Valentine's Day date ideas. (Courtesy of Britannica)

Breanna HillArts & Entertainment Editor

The day filled with love has once again come upon us, and for those who have significant others and special loved ones are faced with the task of coming up with an unforgettable, seemingly perfect evening. There are several ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable this year, and luckily, if you don’t have a big budget for this event there are a couple ideas that could cost less than $10 and still knock the socks off your guy or gal. Here are some fun, inexpensive date ideas for the beloved holiday:

  1. Stay in, eat out, and binge. This is a timeless, sure-fire way to make your significant other extremely happy on the lovely occasion. Going out can cause all sorts of problems to arise. There’s going to be traffic, regardless of your location. Then there’s having to find a restaurant that isn’t too crowded as well as finding an actual activity to do, which can be stressful. Perhaps staying in is the better option for the two of you. Beforehand make sure you’re fully stocked on all the tasty sweets associated with the holiday. Take some time to find a couple movies on Amazon Prime, or your preferred streaming service. All that’s left to do is DoorDash something from your favorite eatery and snuggle up. Boom! Perfect night. 
  2. Hike, and bike…oh! Don’t forget a romantic picnic. Picnics are, in my opinion, one of the best romantic gestures that have, unfortunately, died out a bit as of recently. Why? Who knows. It shows the amount of effort your significant other is willing to put in for you. This, again much like the first date idea, is pretty inexpensive. There are incredible hiking and biking trails all over Alabama, and many, if not all, are of no cost. Nothing beats seeing a beautiful sunset or sunrise with the one you hold most dear. Throw in some favorite foods and maybe even a bouquet of flowers and you’re basically Romeo. 
  3. Reminisce or recreate your first date. Though this may not be towards the cheaper side of things, it is a very romantic idea that is bound to bring up fun memories and good times spent together. To throw your own spin on it, write a letter to each other and explain how you felt on the first date–explain the nerves and the mindset that you had in preparation of the day. It’s pretty neat to see how far the two of you have come since the beginning of the relationship. Have fun with it!

Alongside of these three inexpensive date ideas, here are some honorable mentions that can be under $50:



-Dining out





-Window Shopping




Hopefully these ideas can help out when deciding what your Valentine’s Day should consist of. Who says doing this on Valentine’s Day is just meant for couples? Grab some friends or some of your family members and make the Friday evening one to remember, one for the books. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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