Top rom-coms to binge this Valentine’s Day

Sandra Bullock, left, and Ryan Reynolds, right, star in the 2009 romantic comedy film "The Proposal". (Courtesy of Cinema Blend)Sandra Bullock, left, and Ryan Reynolds, right, star in the 2009 romantic comedy film "The Proposal". (Courtesy of Cinema Blend)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away which means binging the best of the best rom-coms is a must. Here’s a countdown of the most iconic and memorable rom-coms to grace the public’s television screens.

“10 things I hate about you” will always be number one on my favorite rom-coms list. It’s a legendary film that is timeless and enjoyable for all ages. This movie was released back in 1999 and starred a cast of big name actors and actresses including Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. The thing I love most about this movie is that it isn’t overly romantic. It’s not so mushy that I’m sitting on the couch cringing. It has the right amount of romance, and the perfect amount of humor to keep me giggling throughout the entire duration of the movie. Another plus of this movie is that the hunky Heath Ledger shows off his dashing singing abilities in one of, if not the most, iconic scenes of the entire film. It is a must watch for sure. 

“Isn’t it romantic” has wormed its way onto my list since its release back in 2019. It stars Rebel Wilson alongside Liam Hemsworth and others. I was able to see this movie in theaters and to be quite honest, I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. I’m a sucker for rom-coms, and the whole idea of a rom-com that makes fun of rom-coms really intrigued me. I think the plot was brilliant, and something that has never really been done before in movies like most rom-coms. It was different and there couldn’t have been a better cast. 

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is a Netflix original that was released in 2018 that stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. I am absolutely obsessed with this movie, and I couldn’t be more excited that the second installment of this trilogy, “To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You”, will be dropping February 12. I think this movie franchise is so popular because Lana and Noah work so well together and really have that chemistry that is necessary in rom-coms for them to be successful. Keep an eye out for the second movie as well as the third. 

“She’s the Man” is not what comes first to most minds when thinking about rom-coms, yes there’s romance and tons of comedy, but it is one that I enjoy immensely. This hilarious 2006 film stars Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. It isn’t only one of my favorite rom-coms, it’s one of my favorite movies ever. I think that this film is perfect if you’re more into the comedy aspect of rom-coms because it definitely keeps me laughing. I highly recommend checking this one out. 

“The Proposal” has to be included on this list not only because of the stellar cast but also because of the generic, yet thoroughly interesting, plot. This movie was released back in 2009 and big name stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock take the leading roles. This film also brings in the hilarious Betty White, which for me is enough to get me to watch it anyways. If I was to have to give one rom-com to someone to watch I would recommend this one. It is the perfect example of a rom-com. It checks off all the boxes and happens to be a very well made film. 

These films are some of the greatest that I’m able to watch time and time again without growing tired of them. They’re great to watch alone or with a special someone. Give them a watch and have a good laugh.

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