SGA hosts laser tag event at Leone Cole Auditorium

Zachary GrizzardCorrespondent

Tuesday night, the Leone Cole Auditorium was transformed from a table and chair auditorium to a laser tag war zone.

Students gathered in the lobby of Leone Cole to register for the laser tag games, which ensued in the blacked-out auditorium just a door away.

As students filed in out of the drizzling rain, they were greeted by several SGA representatives helping to streamline the check-in process and ensure the students had a fun experience.

As one game ended, the laser tag supervisor would file the previous students out and assist the newcomers into the laser tag arena.

As students entered the arena, they were presented with two tables, a red team and a blue team. Each team was also provided with a reset tent on the backside of each team’s territory. Each player was given a headband that would buzz when fired at, and a rifle that listed a health bar. After being fired at, players would have to return to their reset tent to have their rifle reactivated. Players that “killed” someone from the other team would have their rifle options for firing improved throughout the game. The rifle provided reload options, and a unique preset nickname for each player.  

Each game lasted approximately 10 minutes. The auditorium was completely dark, sparing some lanterns on the columns scattered about. The floor had roughly 20 small camouflage tents with windows to shoot from or to hide in.

After games ended, the game supervisor would explain which team won, and the specific players who played exceptionally throughout the match. Students could play multiple rounds, after returning to the back of the waiting line each time.

The SGA asks that all students come check out their events and have fun, as well as give input to help them plan for future events. The next SGA sponsored event this month is Speed Dating, which will be held February 13, at 5 p.m. in the Theron Montgomery Building.

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