Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV

Damien Williams celebrates touchdown in historic Super Bowl game. He scored a total of two touchdowns in the Chiefs victorious game over the 49ers that ended in a final score of 31-20. (Courtesy of CNN)Damien Williams celebrates touchdown in historic Super Bowl game. He scored a total of two touchdowns in the Chiefs victorious game over the 49ers that ended in a final score of 31-20. (Courtesy of CNN)

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The Kansas City Chiefs made a historic comeback in Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers that ended in a final score of 31-20. This was the Chiefs first super bowl win in 50 years. This was the second-longest drought in NFL history. And while Kansas City walked away with the victory, the Chiefs did not seal the win until less than three minutes remained on the game clock.

In the first quarter, the 49ers were the first team to put points on the board, although they had to settle for a field goal as the Chiefs kept them from moving into the end zone. Eventually, Kansas City answered back with a much-needed touchdown that closed out the first quarter.

Almost right away in the second quarter, Chiefs Bashaud Breeland threw an interception to the 49ers. While this gave an opportunity to the 49ers to turn the game around in their favor, the Chiefs defense once again held back the 49ers, this time beyond field-goal range, forcing them to punt the ball. This later resulted in a successful field goal for Kansas City.

While the Chiefs were hoping to have the advantage going into half time, 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczykwas able to put the first touchdown on the board for his team. This brought the score to an even 10-10 going into the break.

Going into the second half, the 49ers once again could not quite make it into the end zone and had to settle for another field goal. However, the 49ers were able to complete an impressive 49-yard field goal that once again put them back in the lead over the Chiefs with a score of 13-10.

Later in the third quarter, the Chiefs threw yet another interception. This time, the 49ers took advantage of the opportunity and put their second touchdown of the game on the board, increasing their lead with a score of 20-10 going into the final quarter of the game.

At this point in the game, it seemed like the 49ers might walk away with the win, but as history proves, the game was far from over. While the Chiefs did not start the last quarter out strong with Patrick Mahomes throwing his second interception of the game, the Chiefs were eventually able to get their footing and score back-to-back touchdowns, but the one that really counted was second one of the quarter with less than 3 minutes left in the game. 

Damien Williams rushed for the touchdown and was able to barely get the ball over the pylon without stepping out of bounds. After the play was closely reviewed, the referees officially called it a touchdown, making it a two-possession game. All the Chiefs had to do was hold off the 49ers for a few minutes. Not only were the Chiefs able to do this, but they were also able to squeeze in a third touchdown to seal the win for Kansas City.

During the matchup, Williams scored two scrimmage touchdowns, giving him 11 total scrimmage TDs in his playoff career. Williams has now tied with Hall of Famer Terrell Davis for the most all-time in a player’s first six playoff games.

Meanwhile, with 53 rushing yards, Deebo Samuel set the record for the most rushing yards by a wide receiver in a Super Bowl. He broke Percy Harvin’s previous record of 45 rushing yards in Super Bowl XLVIII

Following the game, Patrick Mahomes was named Superbowl MVP, being the youngest quarterback ever to be given the title, at 24 years and 138 days old, beating out Tom Brady when he was given the title in Super Bowl XXXVI when he was 24 years and 184 days old.

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