Is the new thriller ‘Underwater’ worth the hype?

Kristen Stewart, pictured, plays Norah Price in the 2020 science fiction horror film 'Underwater'. (Courtesy of Alan Markfield)Kristen Stewart, pictured, plays Norah Price in the 2020 science fiction horror film 'Underwater'. (Courtesy of Alan Markfield)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

‘Underwater’ is a new action-thriller that stars some of Hollywood’s most elite actors and actresses such as Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick, Vincent Cassel and others. The release date for ‘Underwater’ was January 10.

The plot follows Norah (Kristen Stewart) and other aquatic researchers and their brush with death as an earthquake severely damages their underwater base in which they are living and working from. The captain of the mission played by Vincent Cassel comes up with a plan to walk from their main working facility to one of their smaller ones over a mile away in order to use pods to get back to civilization above the water’s surface. The only issue with this plan is that they have to walk on the ocean’s floor, in complete darkness, which has never been done before except to work on the pipes. 

Not even five minutes into the movie the action begins, which I find a bit rushed but seemingly necessary to fit in all of what happens throughout the plot. Due to the action starting so soon there’s very little, if any, character development and hardly and background or backstory to explain to viewers exactly what happened and how it happened.

Along the tough journey of trying to survive, some members of the group were unable to make it due to complications with the heavy duty suits, whether it was because of a malfunction that wasn’t detected early on before they left the main facility, or because of the brutal conditions that came along with travelling on the ocean floor. 

Travelling through the dark at the ocean’s bottom wasn’t the only thing that rendered their trip to one of their smaller facilities, there were various ocean oddities that they encountered along the way, some of which were unknown species. These unknown species continue to wreak havoc on the troops, eventually killing off two of the original six. In the end, after being separated and losing another from the group, three of the six make it to the smaller facility. 

While losing oxygen with each passing second, the only male left alive is barely conscious and being drug by two female protagonists. They almost make it inside the facility before they’re stopped in their tracks by an unbelievably huge sea creature, two or three times the size of their facility. After they gain their composure again, the three make their way into the facility and make the short, yet dangerous trek to the pods that can send them to the ocean’s surface. 

Norah, who is the engineer of the bunch realizes that there are only two working pods, and only one person is able to fit per pod. She forces her friends into the pods and sends them up, knowing that she won’t be able to join them as the list of survivors.

Wanting to go out on her own terms and wanting to do anything she can to stop the sea creature from chasing the pods, she causes the facility to self destruct, which in turn causes the sea creature to forget completely about the pods and try and escape to safety. 

Action-thrillers are hardly my favorite, to be quite honest they’re pretty low on the list. This is definitely a good action-thriller movie, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s no sort of build-up, and most certainly no character development. They launch fully into action within minutes of it starting and it doesn’t stop until the very last few minutes. I would rate it a solid 4 or 5/10.

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