Harry Styles drops second solo album

Harry Styles, pictured above, is a singer and member of the pop boy band One Direction. (Courtesy of The Blast)Harry Styles, pictured above, is a singer and former member of the pop boy band One Direction. (Courtesy of The Blast)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Harry Styles, a former One Direction member, has hit the ground running after the group split back in 2016. All of the members of the popular boy band have gone on to start solo careers, but I believe that Harry Styles has had the most success when it comes to branching out on his own. Since beginning this new adventure he has released six singles, four music videos and two studio albums (‘Harry Styles’ and most recently ‘Fine Line’.)

His second solo album ‘Fine Line’ was released in December of 2019. The album has twelve songs, and of those twelve songs there are five music videos. Styles did something pretty unique with this album pertaining to the music videos that were done, of the five music videos that were released, two of them used clips from popular movies as the content of the video. The songs that later on had music videos to go along with the album are “Cherry”, “She”, “Adore You”, “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”. “She” is one of the music videos that used movie clips, and it was from the movie “Chloe” that was released in 2009. “Watermelon Sugar” was the other one to use movie clips, and it was able to use clips from probably the most popular romcom, “The Notebook” which was released back in 2004. 

I was a bit obsessed with One Direction back in the day, but despite that, when they split up as a band I wasn’t really intrigued when it came to their solo careers. I didn’t expect them to be that successful on their own, considering they were put into a group because they lacked the stability to be on their own. Out of all of the five members, Harry Styles showed the most promise in my opinion. 

The English singer released his first solo studio album in 2017 titled ‘Harry Styles’. It was pretty popular, selling over one million copies. This album even scored the title of ninth global best selling album. It featured one of my favorite songs of his solo career ‘Sign of the times’. Though this album was incredibly successful, I rank this album to be even greater, and the 52 million streams on various streaming services seems to back me up on my opinion. 

Harry beginning his solo career really changed his style of music and what he’s all about. One Direction was a pop boy band, and it was the typical boy band theme when it came to the lyrics and melodies in the songs they released. The songs that he’s released as of lately, especially his most recent album, has given off major hippie and indie vibes for me. I never would’ve guessed that this would be his musical taste considering his upbringing in One Direction, not that I’m complaining about either styles of music. I enjoy them both quite a bit. 

Most of the songs on ‘Fine Line’ are upbeat and have a nice groove to them, making me want to get up and dance around my room, which I love. If I’m ever in a grumpy mood or feeling like I’m having a bad day I just turn on “Treat people with kindness” from this album and all seems right with the world. 

There are some songs that are perfect for when you’re in a sad mood, and instead of wanting to be in a good mood, you continue to want to be in a sad mood just because. I get like that sometimes, and luckily, Harry was able to produce the right amount of dreary, heartbreak songs that can get listeners to squaling. “Falling” is the definition of a sad song, and it perfectly shows Harry’s vulnerability as well as his incredible vocal skills. 

This entire album shows off his incredible harmonizing abilities and his vocal abilities very smoothly, and every song is rich with talent and musicianship. I highly recommend checking the album out, even if One Direction wasn’t your thing, because in all honesty, he has completely reinvented himself and chosen a completely different pathway with his music.

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