Selena Gomez releases new album ‘Rare’ after five year break

Selena Gomez, pictured above, debuts her new album 'Rare' after being silent for over five years. (Courtesy of Footwear News)Selena Gomez, pictured above, debuts her new album 'Rare' after being silent for over five years. (Courtesy of Footwear News)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

After a five year hiatus from music, pop star Selena Gomez released her latest album ‘Rare’ on January 10. This highly anticipated album has thirteen songs including her latest single that has caused much speculation, ‘Lose you to love me’ all thanks to her history with Justin Bieber. The official music video for ‘Lose you to love me’ dropped about two months ago and has over 216 million views.

Artists typically aren’t too keen on taking such long breaks between albums and touring, but Selena managed to use this time to focus on her mental, physical and emotional health. Gomez released her last album, ‘Revival’ in 2015, when she was twenty-two years old. Here she is, now age twenty-seven, falling back in love with music and releasing an album that represents her individuality and her present self.

I find this album to be a clear look into Selena’s life as it is now. She comes off as vulnerable, and aware that loving yourself is the most important thing in order to have a good life, which is a very positive message to send to her listeners. The pop artist shared that this album is one of her greatest because “I just found my group, and I think I’m getting better and better, but I only know that that means it’s because of the people I’m surrounded by, that inspire me, and challenge me,”. 

The album is tremendous. There are so many parts in each and every song that shows off Selena’s amazing ability to relate her life to lyrics, and even more importantly, help others relate to those lyrics. 

I’m more drawn to songs that I’m able to relate to because it makes me feel as if I’m not alone in certain situations. This album is yet another indication that loving yourself is a challenging task to everyone at some point in their lives, and I’m here for it. 

These beautifully produced songs share stories of heartbreak, self-love and genuine happiness. The lyrics are relatable and incredibly written, which is even better when added to the foot-tapping rhythms in the background. The album reminds me a bit of the old Selena, but it also shows me and other listeners how she has taken this time to reinvent herself in order to make her music even more stellar than it was previously. 

Selena recently did an interview with Apple Music about ‘Rare’ and mentioned that another thing that sets this album apart from her previous albums is that she was able to have more control when it came to decision making and what producers she was able to work with. Clearly this is the album that she feels represents herself the most that she has released thus far. 

I recommend giving all of the songs on the album a listen. They are well produced, and well written by Selena and her team. I have found myself loving the amount of time and effort that they put into not only the album itself, but the advertising of the album and the music videos as well. Selena is back in the game and she is starting off 2020 with a bang.

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