Season 2 of ‘You’: worth the hype?

'You' is a psychological thriller that originated on Netflix. Season 2 of 'You' is available on Netflix as of December 26. (Courtesy of Netflix)'You' is a psychological thriller that originated on Netflix. Season 2 of 'You' is available on Netflix as of December 26. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The highly anticipated Netflix Original series ‘You’ released its second season on December 26, 2019, and gained quite the attention along with a substantial viewership. This intensely dramatic crime series stars Gossip Girl’s own Penn Badgley as Joe, the main character. Joe is seemingly an average guy, but beneath his believable nice guy persona is a dark and disturbing character flaw. The series follows Joe as he ventures out and attempts to find true love. Joe finds himself fearing that his relationship is threatened by close friends of his love interest at the time, causing his mind to go haywire and get rid of them in the best way he knows how: killing them. 

Due to consequences in the first season, Joe is forced to relocate from New York to Los Angeles. and use an alias — Will Bettleheim. Joe, or Will, completely reinvents himself and tells himself that what happened to his previous relationship will never happen again. In fact, Will doesn’t even adopt the idea of starting a new relationship anytime soon, until he meets Love, played by Victoria Pedretti. He becomes instantly infatuated with Love Quinn and the quirkiness of her character. The cycle repeats itself and Will finds himself doing things he had done in his previous relationships with Candace and with Beck. 

Season one of this series was captivating and horrifying, but the second season added a new element that transcended it to new heights. In season one it was told as if Joe’s ex girlfriend, Candace was dead. It builds up that idea till the very end when she graces Joe with her presence, shocking him beyond belief. The lovely actress who was casted as Candace, Ambyr Childers, returns for season two to get Penn’s character to remain paranoid and skeptical. 

Will believes all is well and that leaving New York meant escaping his past, his baggage and any suspicion that plagued his life, but Candace ends up tracking him down and making it known to Will that she is there to warn and protect Love, and her twin brother Forty from the possible, more-than-likely ugly outcome. 

This season is truly phenomenal. It brings back all of the charm from the first season while throwing in several plot twists that no viewer would see coming. There is more murderings–which aren’t all committed by Joe– and foul play, along with some rather beautiful moments that cause viewers to be a bit sympathetic to some of the more questionable characters on the show. 

Much like season one, season two left on a bit of a cliff-hanger which earns up, at least we hope, a season three of this hit show. The way that the second season ended leads me to believe that if there is a season three, it’ll be a tad bit different for a couple reasons which are the fact that Love is still in the picture and she’s pregnant. Who knew that Joe, or Will or whatever you want to call him wouldn’t be the only crazy person in the series?

I can say with all certainty that season two of ‘You’ is definitely worth the hype. There is more drama, more plot twists, more crime, more everything which is everything a crime-loving audience could ask for in this type of situation. I recommend watching this show to everyone I meet, and I don’t hesitate when I rate it a 10/10.

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