Look for these upcoming 2020 album releases

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

2020 just kicked off and that means a ton of upcoming releases in the entertainment industry. Here are just a few releases to keep an eye out for this year.

  1. Halsey is releasing a new album titled ‘Manic’ on January 17. This album will include her most recent songs: ‘Graveyard’, ‘Clementine’, ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’, ‘Suga’s Interlude’, and her number one single ‘Without me’ released back in 2018. 
  2. Greenday is releasing what is rumored to be one of their shortest albums ever titled ‘Father of All…’ on February 7. This should be a completely bewildering album because it’s said to be influenced by Kendrick Lamar. I have to admit, I never saw that coming. 
  3. Selena Gomez is finally coming off her musical break that lasted almost five whole years and she will be releasing a new album titled ‘Rare’ on January 10 of this year. She released a single just a few weeks ago ‘Lose you to love me’, giving the world a sneak peak of her latest creation. 
  4. Ke$ha is releasing her fourth studio album titled ‘High Road’ on January 31. One of her most recent hits ‘Raising Hell’ is known to be one of the songs on the much anticipated upcoming album. Other songs to be part of the album include ‘Chasing Thunder’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Tonight’.
  5. Meghan Trainor is also releasing an album on January 31 titled ‘Treat Myself’. This album was pushed back from August of 2018 because Trainor wanted to add more songs to improve the album even more. Songs that are to be included on the album are ‘Workin’ on it’, ‘Wave’ and ‘Evil Twin’.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming albums. They are sure to get all the listeners and fans jamming out.

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