VeoRide pedals out of Jacksonville

Scott Young, News Editor

The bike share service VeoRide will be pulling its bikes from Calhoun County, including Jacksonville, Anniston and Oxford, according to a spokesman for the company. VeoRide has operated in Calhoun County since January 2019.

Trent Dickeson, the fleet coordinator for VeoRide, said that the change of plans was strictly a business decision and that the decision is not reflective of the “ongoing outstanding leadership and support [VeoRide] received in the region.”

“VeoRide has greatly enjoyed providing shared bicycling as a great transportation option for residents of the tri-cities of Jacksonville, Anniston and Oxford and students of Jacksonville State University throughout 2019,” said Dickeson.

Dickeson said that in 2020, the corporate focus is shifting toward a concentration on multi-modal fleets that include e-bikes and e-scooters in regional areas.

“This regional effort in Calhoun County is a notable example of how visionary leaders in municipalities and universities can come together in engaging and successful partnership to provide exciting new opportunities to enhance daily life in their respective communities,” said Dickeson.

In a meeting of the Jacksonville City Council on Monday, November 25, Johnny Smith, the mayor of Jacksonville, announced that VeoRide would be leaving the city and JSU.

“I thought it was a great thing for our city, and I hate to see them go,” said Smith. “When students come back from Christmas break, they’ll be gone.”

According to Smith, the company maintained 70 to 75 bicycles in the city and burned 270 million calories.

VeoRide debuted in Calhoun County earlier this year as the first regional bikeshare in Alabama featuring 180 specialty designed bikes, located all around campus and along the Ladiga Trail.

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