Top Christmas movies to binge

Twenty year old Christmas movies, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and more 'recent' movies, such as A Christmas Carol are perfect movies to binge. (Photo courtesy of IMDB)Twenty year old Christmas movies, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and more 'recent' movies, such as A Christmas Carol are perfect movies to binge. (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and what better way to celebrate it than binging a whole bunch of Christmas movies? There are countless movies that can get you in the holly jolly spirit, but I’m going to give you my top five movies in hopes of you either check them out for the first time, or rewatch them and admire some of my favorite parts. 

First off we have my all time favorite ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ which was released almost twenty years ago in 2000. This movie is not just one of my favorite movies to watch around this time of year, I could literally watch it anytime of the year, anywhere. My mind has definitely labeled it as a classic. It stars Jim Carrey, and to me, he is one of the funniest actors in the industry. It’s as if the character was made especially for him. The rest of the cast is incredible as well. I couldn’t imagine anybody else playing any of the characters. The movie manages to incorporate an important message that needs to be shared around the world quite  a bit. The message is all about how presents aren’t what the holidays should be about, it should be about spending and enjoying time with your loved ones. 

Next we move on to an even older movie called ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ which made its debut in 1989. I wasn’t too keen on giving this movie even the slightest bit of attention until about five years ago when my dad coaxed the family into watching it on Christmas Eve, and I’m glad he did. It is a hilarious movie that I never would have discovered all by myself. It has since then become a staple in our household. There are some major quoteable moments from the movie surrounding hilarious situations, much like ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’. Along with being ridiculously funny and somewhat inappropriate at times, it manages to show the heartfelt moments that sum up the holidays. If you need yet another reason to give this oldie a chance, just know that it is a perfect depiction of what could go wrong during the holidays dealing with extended family, shopping and decorating. 

Third on the list would have to be ‘Elf’ starring Will Ferrell, released in 2003. Much like Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell remains high up on my list of well-respected comedic actors in the industry today. I appreciate his ability to make his characters come to life in every project he partakes in. It’s incredible what he managed to do as Buddy in this hit movie. I guess I have a thing for comedic Christmas movies; it seems to be a trend. This movie, though it has its serious moments, can be a bit comedic at times. One of the best things about this movie in my opinion is how Buddy has to, or at least tries to, adapt to a completely different world in hopes of meeting his father and created a long awaited father-son bond. I love the fact that it touches on a seemingly serious subject but manages to keep the film from being focused on that issue solely. It’s an incredible film, and it was directed beautifully.  

Next to last we have ‘Home Alone’ released back in 1990. Again, this is a comedic film that captured my heart early on in my childhood. I believe that this is one of my favorite Christmas movies because I could relate to Kevin at the time, dealing with being the middle child. I rooted for him the whole movie just because of that reason, and because I thought it was pretty cool how he was able to hurt the two men who intruded into his house. It’s wildly hilarious and that’s always a captivating feature in films for me. Macaulay Culkin goes on to be casted as the protagonist Kevin in the sequel, and another three films are made after the first two, but with other actors and actresses. I definitely recommend checking at least the first one out. I’ve only seen the first two, maybe because Macaulay was able to portray Kevin so well. Check it out. 

The final one that made the cut is an animated Christmas movie titled ‘A Christmas Carol’, released in 2009. I love animated movies, especially ones that are very well done. Also Jim Carrey is a voice actor for the main character as well as twenty-two other voices in the movie. That’s right, twenty-two. This movie is actually not all that funny. It deals more with the sentimental, and dark life aspects of a crabby old man voiced by Jim Carrey himself. The animation is phenomenal, and I’d tell you to watch the movie based on that aspect alone. Though it deals with serious subjects such as illness and poverty, it ends happily and reminds viewers to respect, honor and cherish your loved ones while you still can. I vote that it’s one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen. 

There you have it. Those are my top five Christmas movies that I’ve been binging since Thanksgiving break began. I’ll probably watch all of them two or three more times once the semester is over. I highly recommend everyone to give each of these a try over the break. No way that disappointment will be an issue.

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