SGA holds fifth Senate meeting of the semester

Scott Young, News Editor

The Jacksonville State University Student Government Association met for its fifth regular Senate meeting of the fall 2019 semester on Monday, November 18 in the auditorium of the Theron Montgomery Building.

Two bills were approved by the Senate: one establishing the Public Relations Committee and one clarifying language in the SGA Code of Laws about who can introduce legislation to the Senate.

Senate Bill 40, authored by Sens. Matt Reed, Giovanna Hernandez, Dexter Ferguson and Zavius Kidd, renames the existing ‘Publicity Committee’ to ‘Public Relations Committee’.

The bill grants the Public Relations Committee the responsibility of “building and maintaining intercollegiate relationships between other student governments”.

“Our committee, in the Code of Laws, had only the responsibility of publicizing SGA events,” said Reed, who chairs the committee. “We decided since everyone already does that that we needed to expand our boundaries. By renaming the committee to the Public Relations committee, that allows us just by definition to do more in actual relationship building between different groups on and off campus.”

Reed said that Senate Bill 40 sets a standard for future committee members and “raises the expectation” for the work that the committee does.

“We also added the responsibility of creating and maintaining relationships with other universities to see if some of what they do could work here and vice versa,” said Reed.

SGA Vice President of Student Senate Jerod Sharp said that no legislation has been submitted to him this week and that if none is submitted to him by Friday, November 22, there won’t be a Senate meeting on December 2.

Other business:

  • SGA Senate voted to pass Senate Bill 39, a bill authored by Reed, to allow the Vice President of Student Senate to introduce legislation. The bill comes after the Senate passed Senate Bill 38 on November 4 that only allows Senators to introduce legislation.
  • Sen. Justin Jones introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 39 to change references of “he/she” to “they” in order to include students outside of the gender binary. The amendment was unanimously approved by the Senate.
  • Sharp announced that Sens. Taylor Smith and Matt Reed tied for ‘Committee Head of the Semester’ and that Sen. Destiny Paris-Cartwright won an award for ‘First Term Senator of the Semester’.

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