Hot Take: Are 2000s era dating shows problematic?

Miranda Prescott, Correspondent

Recently, I found myself in a rabbit hole on YouTube, yet again. Usually, I am watching hours upon hours of content related to series that I want to keep up with. This time, however, it was binge-watching youtubers react to dating shows from the early 2000s.

Now, even though I am a late-1990s, early-2000s kid, I don’t remember much about the dating shows from when I was younger. The only ones I ever remember watching were The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, shows that are still being aired today. Even though I have not watched them for a long time, I still found myself binge-watching videos on the topic.

To make a long story short, I found some wild ones. There are shows that used to air that would never see the light of day in a pitch room full of producers today. Although I can list off a whole bunch of them, here are some of the craziest dating shows I found from this decade of wonderfully questionable choices all around.

Room Raiders

This dating show saw three contestants trying to win a date with the same person. However, instead of going on individual dates with them, the main person they were fighting over had the opportunity to go through all the contestants bedrooms and their personal belongings. Based on what they found in the rooms, a winner would be selected to go on a single date. Most likely, after that date, neither party spoke to one another again.

A fun fact about this show is that Zac Efron appeared on it. Granted, this was before his High School Musical days, so no one really paid attention to that fact at the time. However, if you decide to mention it to him these days, he does in fact cringe. Also, every time I think of this show, I react the same way.

Date My Mom

This show had a similar construct to Room Raiders. However, instead of going through people’s rooms to figure out who they wanted to go out with, it was going on individual dates with the contestants’ mothers. The person choosing would have to go based on the time they spent with the matriarch of the person’s family and the descriptions they gave about their child to determine a winner. Again, not many people spoke to each other after the one date ended.

There is another version of the show that involves dads instead of moms. The whole premise of these two shows is just plain awkward. Especially when looking at footage of the show. There are dates with the moms that get a little too personal with the details, thus making it more cringey than anything else on this list.

Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

The concept of this dating show is very similar to The Bachelor but instead of an enhanced average Joe, its someone who is worth millions of dollars. The result is for the multi-millionaire to find a future wife out of the contestants. Hopefully, she would be honest and truly love him, but considering that this is reality television, that is probably not possible.

However, the show gets much worse after it ended. Turns out, the multi-millionaire was not actually so. In fact, he had lied about his last name and failed to mention that he had a restraining order from a past partner for domestic violence. That is what makes the show more problematic that it actually entails.

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