How to properly spend a sick day

Miranda Prescott, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

This week I celebrated my birthday, but I was also stuck celebrating with food poisoning. 

I can say without a shadow of doubt that I did not let it get the best of me though, and I still had a pretty decent birthday after all had been said and done.

The next morning I couldn’t really do much. I needed to recover, or else I would regret not taking that time to do so later. I did, however, realize that there are a multitude of ways you can maximize your day in bed, especially when you have so much going on that you do not really have time to be sick and miss out on anything. This is especially true with the onset of finals and workloads that pile up around this time of year.

Here are ways you can make sure you are making the most of your sick days.

Actually take time off. I know that typically, especially in my case, taking time off from school or work is a no go. Missing classes makes your miss information that is going to be on the test and losing work hours can result in losing pay. However, your body needs time to heal itself. By constantly going, especially if you are sick, you are not allowing yourself to get better. In fact, you may be making your issues worse. So, make sure you take time for yourself. This decision may be easier to make for most people than it is for me. As for me, though, I am constantly going. To stay inside all day is usually not how I function, so to make the choice to stay home means that I am pretty sick.

If you have energy, use it to your advantage. Sometimes, being sick does not necessarily mean you’re spending all day in bed miserable. In rare cases, you may have some energy to do something. In my case, I needed to take lots of breaks, but I had the energy to get some things done. Since I have 35 pages worth of papers due next week, I was able to knock out some of the sections of that paper that needed to be done. So, if you have energy during a high-stress time, use it to your advantage and get ahead.

Keep moving. Do not just stay in one place for the entirety of the day. Moving around my room has helped me keep myself from growing tired and overworked. Yes, it is very tempting to stay in bed all day, especially when you are not feeling at your peak, but I promise, some movement is better than no movement at all. 

Remember if you are unable to do anything, please do not over do it. This article is mainly to focus on how you can maximize priorities while in the process of recovering and building your defenses.

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