Hot take: Does the Crimson Tide deserve a spot in the play-offs?

Garrett Sanders, Sports Correspondent

What took place in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, Nov. 9 truly exemplifies what college football is all about. A lot of questions were answered by Saturday evening, but the one question that looms is how will the college football playoffs handle the rankings this week?

Better yet, after the rankings are released, what is the path for that number four spot? Should there be a clear road? What obstacles stand in the way from the past, present and future?

The college football playoff committee has a lot on their hands when deciding on the fate for that final spot. There are a lot of candidates to make their case for the last slot. However, at the end of the day, the committee will have the final say.

There is one team that has never missed the college football playoff in its entirety, but with the loss to the LSU Tigers this past Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide are hanging by a thread. It’s no secret that national championships are a sacred part of what makes Alabama the king of college football.

Nick Saban is the mastermind of convincing the College Football Playoff Committee his team is worthy of a chance even with a loss. Saban has won a national championship twice during the BCS era with one loss. If there is any doubt that Alabama can win a national championship with a loss, history tells us it’s possible.


A lot of people, including myself, don’t give any credit to Alabama for their horrid schedule they have endured throughout the year. Analysts and fans are quick to judge and say that Alabama’s quality of opponents they have faced is not comparable to what other teams have encountered.

While Alabama has on their resume teams like New Mexico State, Arkansas and Western Carolina; teams like Georgia have Notre Dame, Florida, and Auburn on their schedule. While Alabama is beating up on the little sisters of the poor, teams like Georgia are facing and beating teams that are perennial powers.

People can argue all they want about quality losses, but at the end of the day, if you lost, it doesn’t help your case. Yet, Alabama fans are quick to put out that while Georgia has faced better teams than the Crimson Tide, the Bulldogs have lost to a team that Alabama trounced on earlier in the year.

While that is an accurate statement, the fact of the matter is, who is better prepared to play against the best of the best? The team that beats up on puny, fragile opponents but when challenged against an elite squad loses? Or a team that has faced the best of the best and has won but happened to slip on a bad day against a mediocre team?

The fact of the matter is, the college football playoff committee doesn’t have any favoritism in who they consider for that last slot. No matter who it is. Even if that team has made the playoffs every year in its existence.

The committee’s job is to place the team that is the most deserving and best prepared to handle being in that position to compete for a National Championship. That is the beauty of the playoff system.

While Alabama is in danger of missing out on the college football playoff, Crimson Tide fans must remember that there is still a lot of football left to be played. Not to mention, they have been in this position before. If anyone can make it, it’s the Tide.

Everything will work itself out for the rest of the season, and with history being on the Crimson Tide’s side, Alabama fans have every reason to hold their heads high. The madness is far from over, but it’s the anticipation that makes the wait oh so special.

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